Why Mere Paas Tum Ho Did Not End With A Happy Note?

Mere Paas tum ho Review

Tales of an unfaithful spouse is very common in Pakistan’s drama industry. ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ aired on ‘ARY Digital’ goes around the same story line. It rotates around a misleading spouse and a steadfast husband. Written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar, it is a true obsession for Pakistanis.

Mere Paas Tum Ho’ isn’t another show about infidelity. There is more to it than that meets the eye. In Pakistan’s drama industry, men play the role of oppressors, adulterers, and abusers. The women are the victims. But ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ demonstrates the opposite.

Pakistanis usually see husbands oppressing women on the screen & off the screen as well. Therefore, this set up was truly astonishing for them to observe. Men took an interest in watching the serial as well. While the show accurately targets cheating, it absolves male heroes of their blemishes.

In each regard, Shehwar is as liable as Mehwish, yet nobody considers him an immodest, useless man. Individuals are appropriately judging Mehwish however, the issue is nobody is judging Shehwar. The last scene was sensational.

We truly needed more from the show. However, it needed to end the manner in which it did. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar truly kept his reputation of killing the lead actors. The drama has truly marked its place as one of the biggest drama serials of in the Pakistani Drama Industry.

Dropdown your comments and let us know if you liked the drama serial or not, and how did you absorb the finale because we were for sure in tears.

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