Pakistan Announces Squad for ICC World Cup 2023

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has officially announced the 15-man squad representing the country in the ICC World Cup 2023. The dynamic Babar Azam will take on the role of captain, leading the team's charge in this tournament, in a...

Sony PlayStation 5

Sony Unveils the PlayStation 5

Sony has finally unveiled the PlayStation 5 in an online event dubbed as the ‘Future of Gaming’. The event was originally planned for 4th June. But Sony decided to call off the event due to growing unrest over George Floyd’s...

There is a growing debate over cloud gaming vs console gaming. Both have their pros and cons.

Cloud Gaming vs Console Gaming

Console wars have raged on for decades, with PS4 selling 92.64 million units, the Xbox One 41.48 million units, and the Switch 30.65 million units. It's a special feeling when we think of the games we have played since our...

The first El Clasico ends in a draw

The First El Clásico Ends in a Draw

The first El Clásico of the 2019-20 La Liga Season was to be played back in October. However, due to security concerns, the match was postponed till today. Despite the delay, the atmosphere around the match was as intense as...


What is Wrong at Manchester United?

Football is one of the most loved and played sports in the whole world. Billions of people enjoy watching football games. A lot of people are interested in club football around the world, especially Europe. Premier league the pioneer club...

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