10 Most Unsafe Sports & Activities For Kids

Various sports and activities are unsafe for kids to play. Many such sports can send them to the emergency room. A research study conducted in Loyola University, based on the data collected from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, reveals is basketball is the most unsafe sport for kids. The study claims kids who engage in football either at school or in homes are more likely to be at risk of knee injuries.

Airborne Toys

Airborne toys such as airplanes are helicopters said to be unsafe for the kids. Due to the sharp edges of airborne toys, they can injure any part of the body of kids. Elders must supervise if these toys are intended to use.

Airborne toys are unsafe for kids because of the danger they pose.


Various researches report a large number of injuries within kids who play basketball. According to one survey, almost half a million kids go to the emergency room because of basketball related injuries. The sport involves pivoting, jumping, twisting, or squatting can cause harm to the anterior cruciate ligament.

basketball is the most dangerous sport for kids because of the physical requirements.


Over 400 thousand kids are reported to visit the emergency room annually due to football. According to the Center for Injury Research and Policy, football is one of the leading causes of injuries among kids. However, with proper precautions, the risk of injuries can be minimized.

Football is extremely dangerous for kids.


Baseball is a hard game. Hence, it requires kids to get hard training. Kids must come to play with proper precautionary measures. With protective clothing, once can prevent injuries and play fearlessly.

Baseball is unsafe for minors without proper training


Bicycling is one of the favorite sports activities of kids. The helmet is the key to protect kids from any negative consequences. As we know that any injury due to bicycling can be dangerous to a greater extent. Therefore, proper training and education are essential for kids.

Bicycling is harmful for kids without proper equipment


Trampoline is the favorite game of most of the kids. However, the game can be risky at the same time. Kids can be saved from the risks of falling by providing them a proper safer place. A qualified trainer and supervisor can provide help to make kids enjoy the game.

Trampoline should be used by kids only when supervised by adults.


Although the ball which required for the game is soft, it still can cause damage. The portable soccer goals must be anchored into the ground to make the playtime safe.

Football is harmful to kids.


As the name indicates the ball of the game can not cause harm, but a fast-moving softball can harm a more significant extent.


Skateboarding is a hard game which can place the health of kids at risk. However, the protective gear such as helmets, proper shoes, padded knees, elbows, and gloves can protect the various body parts of the kids. 

Skateboarding is unsafe without the proper equipment.

Swimming and Diving

Water can be dangerous for your kids; therefore, proper supervision is essential before sending them into water. With appropriate diving techniques, they can perform well. Moreover, before allowing your kids for diving and swimming, make sure that those lakes and pools have qualified lifeguards.

swimming and diving for kids should be supervised.


This concludes the top 10 most unsafe sports and activities for kids. However, it does not mean that you should stop your kids from playing. As parents and supervisors, your focus is to ensure that all the right precautionary measures are taken.

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