Best Cricket Academy in Chandigarh

India is a cricket-crazy country, and our fascination with the game has resulted in the establishment of cricket academies throughout the country in the hopes of uncovering the next Virat Kohli or Mithali Raj.

As a result, whether you want to allow your child to indulge in their passion of the game or simply get them some much-needed exercise after school, the top cricket academies in Chandigarh are well worth looking into.

We, at Humari News, have compiled a list of the best cricket academies in Chandigarhthat provide good facilities, dedicated trainers, and rigorous training, all so that you can one day wear that renowned blue jersey!

Best Cricket Academies in Chandigarh to Achieve Your Dreams

1. Millennium Cricket Academy

Millennium, one of the most well-known cricket academies in the tri-city area, offers coaching to players under the age of 24. Youngsters who have practiced there have routinely been picked for district level tournaments, demonstrating the expertise they offer.

They offer both general and specific instruction in packages of four, eight, and twelve weeks. These sessions involve net practice, physical fitness, mental skill, and friendly fixtures, all of which are meant to help you develop every aspect of your game!

2. GMDSS-26

Another well-known cricket academy is located in the Timber Market, Sector 26. The age group that is trained here ranges from 7 to 19. There is no pickup or drop-off facilities, but there is free instruction for both boys and girls. They do not provide individual classes.

3. Sodhi Cricket Academy

Harbhajan Singh opened the institution, which is led by MahinderIsher Singh Sodhi, a respected coach with over 32 years of expertise. Players from this academy have gone on to compete in the Ranji Trophy and age-group matches.

They offer group instruction on a monthly or yearly basis, as well as a customized package with certain time periods. They also have facilities throughout Punjab, so if you don’t live in Chandigarh, you can visit these other centers that are closer to your area!

As a result, Sodhi Cricket Academy is without a doubt one of the most well-equipped cricket academies in Chandigarh.

4. KK Cricket Academy

Coaching is provided to students aged 9 to 25 at 731, first floor, Sector 40A. The academy is regarded for providing outstanding coaching and also gives students the opportunity to play at the state level.

5. Sunrise Cricket Academy

Sunrise Cricket Academy, a well-known academy in Zirakpur, develops local talent while still remaining reasonably priced. As a result, it is a fantastic place to start if you or your child is new to cricket.

With skilled instructors that pay special attention to each student’s strengths and weaknesses and provide tailored feedback, this is an excellent place to assist your little sports star develop their skills!

6. Gill Cricket Academy

Gill Cricket Academy, one of Chandigarh’s best cricket academies, caters to both boys and females. They have skilled coaches and high-quality equipment, and they also organize events to encourage that competitive spirit! As such, they are an excellent choice if you believe that competitive fixtures will bring out the best in your young potential star.

7. Dashmesh Cricket Academy

Dashmesh Cricket Academy is a highly regarded place that was formed by Sandeep Bhattacharjee, a Ranji-level player with over 17 years of cricketing expertise.

His academy is a wonderful choice for individuals wishing to perfect their own or their child’s skill, as it has superb infrastructure, outstanding coaching, and an overall focus on the students’ well-being and development. Furthermore, the academy has won numerous local cups and championships, putting success within reach!

8. AC Global Cricket Academy

AC Global is one of the leading cricket academies in Chandigarh, providing world-class instruction and coaching services. They’ve thought of everything, from attentive coaches who will assist players enhance their skills and guarantee they are giving their all to brainstorming meetings to figure out how to best encourage kids. Students are also helped with time and stress management, ensuring that the mental part of their game is not disregarded!


These are fantastic cricket academies in Chandigarh that provide quality coaching to their kids. If you believe your child has the ability to play the game and make it to the A list, you should enroll him in the top one.

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