Pakistan and Iran’s Ongoing Conflict

Pakistan and Iran's Ongoing Conflict

Pakistan cut diplomatic ties with Iran, expelled the Iranian ambassador and recalled the Pakistan ambassador.

There can be seen an escalating tension appearing nowadays in the Middle East due to the missile attacks of Iran on Pakistan, Iraq and Syria. Iran has been claimed as a terrorist for these attacks however its sole purpose to attempt these attacks is to get rid of terrorist Israeli Spies who are hiding and operating from different countries. 

On Tuesday, January 16th 2024, Iran sent missiles into the Balochistan region of Pakistan to target the anti-Iranian military group inside Pakistan.

In recent days there is already a war going on between Palestine and Israel or should I say, not war just terrorist attacks from Israel, so there are several groups who are fighting to eliminate Israel including Houthis from Yemen, Hamas from Gaza and Hezbollah from Lebanon. To these groups, Iran is aiding in terms of funding and other purposes as Iran is also reluctant to protect Muslims of Palestine and other countries from the violence of Israel and Western countries. 

Attack of Iran on Iraq and Syria

Before Pakistan and Iran’s Ongoing Conflict, Iran has also targeted suspected Israeli Spies’ headquarters in Iraq and Syria. In Iraq, it has attacked the Kurdish city of Irbil. 

On this attack, the Israeli government officials came up and said on the media that there is no such thing as Iran is claiming because obviously, no thief agrees that he has done the theft and Israel has now become so good at lying that it is a piece of cake for it to just say what is written on the paper.

Iran’s Attack on Pakistan 

From the missile attack of Iran in Pakistan, 2 children died and 3 got injured according to some sources, which are not so valid yet. The only target of Iran was the JAISH AL-ADL terrorist group of Israel hiding in Balochistan, Pakistan. 

According to the Pakistan foreign minister spokesperson, Zahra Baloch: “Pakistan has decided to recall its ambassador from Iran and that the Iranian ambassador to Pakistan who is currently visiting Iran, may not return for the time being. We have also decided to suspend all high-level visits which were ongoing or were planned between Pakistan and Iran in the coming days.”

Pakistan and Iran's Ongoing Conflict -  Iran's Attack on Pakistan

Iran’s Comments on this Attack

Iranian foreign minister Hussain Amirabdollah commented: “Pakistan is our neighbourly country,  a friend and our brother, and was not the target of Iran’s drones and missiles. The so-called group ‘Jaish Al-Adl’, which is an Iranian terrorist group has taken refuge in Pakistan territory. Jaish Al-Adl have done operations against Iran hence the attack was entirely targeted to them.”

Pakistan’s Military Strikes Against Iran in Response

On Thursday, 18th January, Pakistan also struck missiles in the Sistan Baluchistan province of Iran. According to Iranian media, almost 4 women and 3 children have been killed. Now, Pakistan is in full rage and has started the Marg Bar Sarmachar operation against Iran. 

Pakistan's Military Strikes Against Iran in Response

United States Comments on Iranian Attacks

The US always pops up in the game when it sees that Muslim countries are fighting with each other and working as fuel to the fire. According to the spokesperson Mathew Miller, he said: “We condemn these strikes, we’ve seen Iran violating the sovereign borders of three of its neighbours in just a couple of days.”

Final Thoughts

Pakistan and Iran’s Ongoing Conflict is just a clear sign from Iran to the world “Don’t mess with us!” This is because the Western world is helping Israel as much as possible. It can take all over Palestine and other Muslim countries and unfortunately, there are just a few Muslim countries who are doing something on this matter like Yemen, Iran, and Hezbollah from Lebanon. 

According to the actions of Pakistan, it seems like Pakistan had nothing to do with the safety of Masjid Al-Aqsa, as its operation has only started to defend itself from another Muslim country. If Pakistan has some or few resources to start this operation then why is it doing nothing to protect Palestine from Israel along with Yemen, Iran and other countries?

The matter of fact that Iran attacked Iraq, Pakistan and Syria to target the Israeli Spies’ headquarters and the purpose behind this is also that Iran is showing aggression towards Pakistan which is the only atomic bomb-equipped country and yet it is not doing anything for the Masjid Al-Al-Aqsa and acting like cowards in front of Americans and Israelis.

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