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6 Basic Rules for Good Health Everyone Must Follow

6 basic rules for good health

A wise man once said, “Health is wealth.” A healthy lifestyle is not all about maintaining a good figure and eating good portions of food, it is more concerned with our mental well-being. When a person has stabilization in life and knows the direction and purpose of life, he ultimately finds the route to know how to achieve the best version of himself. So, in this article, you will be acknowledged about 6 basic rules for good health, which if you follow, you will begin to feel this statement “IF YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD.”

6 Basic Rules for Good Health 

There are a lot of rules and regulations which you should abide by to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle, but when this question arises in your mind how to maintain good health? Then, the simplest and the most precise answer would be the following rules.

1. Sleep Well

A good sleep cycle is all that a body wants. You are giving your body a good diet, regular exercises and supplements for good health but due to a lot of burden of work your sleeping hours are disturbed, then I am sorry, there is nothing healthy going on in your life.

Who doesn’t want to just lie down in bed and sleep for a good 6-7 hours at night, or just at least wants to take a good power nap between work? But, sometimes our over-efficient brain asks us to stay awake and do some muscles and nerve-wracking work all at a time without sleep.

To maintain good health, you need to keep an eye on your sleep cycle. For children the maximum hours of sleep are 8 to 10, for adults, it depends but a minimum of 6 hours a day is an utmost requirement for our machinery to work.

Sleep Well - 6 basic rules for good health

2. Eat More Healthy

Eating healthy sounds like a mother running behind a child with some broccoli or spinach by saying that you will get a lot of energy and power by eating this just like Popeye the Sailor man.

And indeed as always, mothers are right. Because these are fruits and vegetables which provide dietary fibre and help in GIT tract mortality. Secondly, some people think that removing meat from a diet is good, neglecting the fact that they need to find the best protein alternative at any cost or else many sorts of deficiencies are waiting at their door.

Most importantly while working on your diet, try to balance it, and reduce processed and unhealthy foods as they contain preservatives, trans fats and many other harmful substances. Remember that too much spicy food can cause severe ulcers. So, make a good diet plan but remember that diet should be a mixture of everything, fulfilling your cravings also.

Eat More Healthy

3. Stay Hydrated

Everyone talks about healthy eating habits, but no one talks about the benefits of drinking water. It is this era, in which social media has spread awareness regarding the fact that by being hydrated, you are following 6 basic rules for good health. 

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is an utmost requirement of our body and if you are not fulfilling this basic, essential requirement of your body then how can you expect your body to work properly? Dehydration can cause headaches and mood changes. Most importantly the excretory system of one person becomes imbalanced due to many electrolyte deficits. So, you need to keep a bottle with you so that you don’t forget to drink water. 

And yes water is important but reducing sugar-containing beverages and soda is also important, as they tend to affect our health so negatively. 

Stay Hydrated

4. Exercise Regularly 

Exercising daily is one of the most essential rules to follow in maintaining a healthy body. You just need to keep in mind that you are not exercising to compete with others or to show others that “I can also have a good figure”. Instead, go for a good purpose that is good for your well-being and that is “I want to look good because this body is a blessing given to me and I have to take care of it”. Exercise with this mindset.

It is not necessary that you just need to follow certain infamous exercises, you just need to MOVE. And to fulfill that purpose you can either do pilates, aerobics, or whatever suits you best. Exercising regularly reduces the chances of chronic diseases, improves heart health, boosts brain health and keeps the muscles and bones strong.

Exercise Regularly - 6 basic rules for good health

5. Learn to Manage Stress for Good Mental Health

Physical health indirectly depends upon our mental health. If you are insecure and have complexities going on in your mind then when will you get time to focus on your physical health? Secondly, 6 basic rules for good health are not only about physical health, they are about mental health also, to tell that first know your root problem then go for the solution.

By mentioning the word root problem, I am trying to convey the message that every day many people get stressed out but this is just short-term stress. When this stress begins to live in our mind rent free then it becomes a psychological disorder or maybe a disease. It could lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure and even strokes or heart attacks. So, mental well-being is really necessary for health and goodness.

6 basic rules for good health - Learn to Manage Stress for Good Mental Health

6. Go for Checkups 

Going to a doctor or dentist already sounds terrifying even when you are facing some problem or pain. And when it comes to monthly checkups people usually just ignore them as they think it is just a waste of time. However, it is not. You need to go for full body checkups either in a month or maximum in 3 or 4 months, or you can also check your blood pressure and such stuff at home. But the following should be done by professionals:

  1. Blood test for cholesterol and blood glucose 
  2. Vaccinations
  3. Osteoporosis screening
  4. Mammogram (screening for breast cancer)
Go for Checkups


Maintaining a healthy body and healthy eating habits is just a dream of every person, at least every adult. Good health not only brings a good and ideal look to our body but a great change in our mindset also. You are struggling with taunts from people around you on your looks, or you are struggling with putting everything together in a well-mannered way to maintain a healthy lifestyle or might be you just struggling with some sort of psychological distortion. So no worries because we have shared 6 basic rules which are necessary for good health and a stable lifestyle. 


  • Is being vegan unhealthy is any sort?

No it is not, it’s just you need to keep your diet a mixture of everything protein, carbohydrates and fats. Secondly if you are provided with meat so use it instead of grossing out on meat.

  • What exercises work best to maintain a healthy body?

The best option is to either do walking, running or jogging. But you can also go swimming as these tend to reduce the fats in all parts of our body.

  • Why too much sugar is unhealthy?

Too much of anything is unhealthy. Mentioning sugar, so higher amounts of sugar can cause diabetes, weight gain and an increased risk of heart disease.

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