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Top 10 Pakistani Desserts to Savour in Winter

pakistani desserts

Winters are the most awaited season for Pakistanis, especially for those who live in the southern part of Pakistan as they come only for a few days. But, even though how long Winter comes, the main thing is the food to savour in winter. Pakistan is famous for its traditional desserts. And these desserts date back to the history of Southeast Asia. If you are looking for mouth-watering Pakistani desserts options then you are in the right place. Keep reading till the end to know the top 10 Pakistani desserts which include some tempting foreign desserts also which are eaten in Pakistan in winter in bulk.

Top 10 Pakistani Desserts for Winters

  1. Gajar ka halwa
  2. Chikki
  3. Gulab jamun
  4. Molten lava cake
  5. Jalebi
  6. Shahi tukra
  7. Chocolate muffins or cookies
  8. Egg halwa (Ande ka halwa)
  9. Lauki ka halwa
  10. Shakarkandi(Sweet potato)

1. Gajar ka Halwa (Carrot halwa)

Gajar ka halwa or carrot halwa is the most awaited dessert during winter in Pakistan. It is made with grated carrots, khoya, a specific amount of water, milk and sugar. Cardamom is also added and then the halwa is cooked on medium flame till everything is cooked properly. Warm Gajar ka halwa with a garnish of roasted nuts is just a heavenly combination to go for on cold winter nights and thus crowned with the best dessert of Pakistan. 

2. Chikki (MoongPhali ki mithai)

Chikki, a traditional sweet generally made from peanuts and gur (jaggery). This chikki has a lot of nutritional benefits as it contains peanuts. And peanuts are a great source of fibre and proteins. Alongside the chikki, famous till kay ladu (Sesame seeds balls) are also eaten widely in Pakistan in Winter. 

3. Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun, considered as national sweet dish of Pakistan. It is full of delightful tastes soaked in it, and if you have one then it would be really hard to stop. Gulab jamun is available everywhere in Pakistan and can easily be made at home also, the following recipe mentions how to make gulab jamun:

  1. Take khoya, all-purpose flour, baking powder, and clarified butter(ghee).
  2. Then, mix them and knead a dough with the milk.
  3. Mould the dough into small balls.
  4. Deep fry them.
  5. Then make a sugar syrup out of water, sugar and cardamom. 
  6. Lastly, soak the gulab jamun in it for a while.

Enjoy your finger-licking gulab jamuns, and yes most importantly hide them from your siblings, just keep them for yourself.

Gulab jamun - best pakistani desserts

4. Molten Lava Cake

A French dessert, that is a chocolate cake with a liquid chocolate core inside. It is named so, because of its hot molten centre. It is so popular in Pakistan among youngsters especially as they tend to have it as a dessert in winter. The liquid chocolate core is commonly of a ratio of 1:1 chocolate to cream. It is because steaming hot ganache can ooze out from the centre.

5. Jalebi

A popular, traditional dessert of Pakistan. Made by deep frying maidan batter in irregular circular shapes. After frying them, they are soaked in sugar syrup. It is also eaten with hot milk, rabri but undoubtedly warm jalebis directly from the Karahi (Pan) are the best ones, you can imagine.

Jalebi - best pakistani desserts

6. Shahi Tukra

Shahi tukra, a Mughal dessert, served warm and hot in the winter mornings as breakfast and even taken as a dessert after dinner. Ranks top 10 list of Pakistani desserts. Made at home, with bread, ghee/oil, sugar and thickened, creamy and sweetened milk. One can just devour on the whole dish of shahi tukras as it is one of the best Pakistani sweet dishes. 

7. Chocolate Muffins and Cookies

Chocolate muffins or cookies are freshly baked at home and even bought from bakeries. But the freshly baked chocolate muffins and cookies have their magic. These are considered the best treat for kids in winter in Pakistan and all around the world with a cup of hot chocolate or milk. Even adults could not resist warm fudgy chocolaty sweet confectioneries and take them with a cup of coffee or warm tea.

Chocolate Muffins

8. Egg Halwa (Ande ka Halwa)

Ande ka halwa or egg halwa is made with eggs, ghee (clarified butter), and sugar. Sometimes, eaten crunchy, and sometimes soft. It depends on how much time you have cooked it. Prepared at home, its aroma spreads all around, filled with nutritious properties hence considered as a really good dessert of Pakistan. 

9. Lauki ka Halwa (Bottle Guard Halwa)

Lauki ka halwa is such a flavourful dessert served mostly at weddings occurring in winter in Pakistan. Made with the following recipe, if you want to try it at home:

  1. Grate the bottle guard (Lauki).
  2. Add milk and sugar to it and cook it until the desired form is achieved. 
  3. Then, add khoya as much as you want.
  4. At last, add Cashews and almonds or other nuts either chopped or roasted in ghee.
  5. And the more you cook it the more appetising it would turn out.

10. Shakarkandi (Sweet Potato)

Shakarkandi or sweet potato is a great source of Vitamin B6 and also helps to lower blood pressure. It is really good for gut health and digestion. It is like a guilt-free Pakistani dessert to have in winter. Steamed sweet potato is often served with chaat masala on the side and available on every street, on stalls in winter.

Sweet Potato


Winters are like a mood-changing season for us. And who doesn’t know food also works as a mood changer especially desserts, so the combination of winters and mouth-watering desserts is like a blast. Pakistan is famous for its traditional desserts which are famous worldwide. We have told you about some of our favourite Pakistani desserts. Try them and happy eating!


  • What is simple sugar syrup made of?

Made up of one part sugar and one part water.

  • What is the best drink to have in winter in Pakistan?

Kashmiri tea or coffee.

  • How is Khoya made?

By simmering milk in the pan over medium flame. The evaporation of water content from the milk will gradually form khoya.

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