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Mr. Nawaz Akram Malik is an author, life coach, therapist and NLP Master-Practitioner certified by The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. He has a deep reverence for public speaking and has been part of the Toastmaster's Club for the past 2 years. Having a background of tech and Computer Science, he has been the founding member of a revolutionizing online property portal, Asasa. And to make sure that disruption is guaranteed, he has undertaken the DICE Fellowship by the British Council for his startup. His latest book, Dodge Denxiety has just been published and targets the concise tried and tested measures to get rid of 2 of the biggest mental challenges: depression and anxiety. These diverse skill sets make it effortless for him to achieve the desired breakthroughs.
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Do not read this if Mental Health is not your Priority

Taking immediate control of your thoughts and emotions is the key to living a fearless life. A life which is full of happiness, joy, satisfaction, and one hundred percent control. It is attainable only through this 13 Hours Thought Mastery...

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