How to Block Mind Reading Technology – 5 Proven Ways

Block mind reading technology

Have you ever wondered if any technique can read your private thoughts and unsaid words? The world is a complicated place, and you can never imagine what kind of technology can become a reality. Mind reading technology is an innovation in this digital era. Using this technology, scientists and doctors can read your thoughts through medical procedures.

In this article, we will discuss all the practical ways that will enable you to block mind-reading technology and regain your privacy, so keep on reading till the end.

What Is Mind-reading Technology?

Mind-reading Technology is a developing field that can understand your brain activities, and then it can transform brain activities into language. Scientists and doctors can read your thoughts with an EEG, fMRI, or other medical procedure.

In the past, researchers used surgical procedures to put electrodes in the brain to detect brain language. But now researchers have claimed to develop a device called a semantic decoder that can read a person’s mind by converting brain activity into a string of text. 

Block mind reading technology

Impacts of Mind Reading Technology

We are living in a digital era where artificial intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm. AI also supports mind-reading technology. This mind-reading technology has many impacts on our physical and social life.

Pros of Mind Reading Technology

Mind reading technology is a revolution in the medical field. Doctors can identify and treat neurological illnesses. Similarly, patients suffering from anxiety and depression can be easily cured with the help of this innovative technique. This mind-reading technology might help minimize the crime ratio and terrorism in the world.

Cons of Mind Reading Technology

Despite its remarkable benefits, mind-reading technology is a serious threat to the privacy of all humans. Doctors and researchers can detect our private thoughts and unsaid words. If this technology finds its way into our lives, there will be no concept left of personal life and privacy.

1. Faraday cage

 A Faraday cage is a protective container designed to block electromagnetic radiation and break up radio waves. Make a Faraday cage by wrapping wire mesh and aluminum foil around the room. You’ll be protected from mind-reading electromagnetic waves and energies.

It is easy to make a Faraday cage. You can use any good conductive material, such as aluminum, steel, and metal, to make a Faraday cage. You can even use a metal trash can. Isn’t it so simple?

Faraday cage is mostly used in hospitals, airports, high courts, and other sensitive areas where special protection of sensors and computers is required to avoid interference.

2. Infrared-Reflecting Glasses

Infrared-reflecting glasses protect your face from surveillance cameras and facial analysis devices. Put on a pair of these glasses and. The infrared reflection will light up on cameras, and your head will glow like a bulb, turning the cameras useless. Instead of walking around with your entire face covered, it is the better option to put on infrared glasses to block the mind-reading waves, but keep in mind that using these glasses is illegal in some cases.

3. Copper Bracelets

Block mind reading technology

According to scientific theoryCopper can collide with electromagnetic field (EMF) waves and break them up. If it is believed that mind-reading technology may use electromagnetic fields, put on a copper bracelet to protect yourself from mind-reading electromagnetic waves and keep your privacy safe.

There are a lot of perceptions that copper products help to relieve pain or arthritis, but there’s no scientific proof of this benefit.

4. Tin foil hat

Block mind reading technology

You might have read or heard of aluminum hat memes. There’s some truth in these memes. It is proven that Aluminum can block electric waves and radiation. That’s why you cover your food in aluminum foil before putting it in the oven. Aluminum foil is a popular option for Faraday cages. If you’re worried about something reading your thoughts, make an aluminum foil hat and put it on.

5. Electronics avoidance

 Avoid excessive use of electronics. Always set the privacy settings on your phones and gadgets. When you install any app and allow them to access your phone, microphone, and camera, you give them access to your privacy. You only know when a telephone or microphone is recording if you control it yourself.

6. Use Alternative or encrypted forms of communication.

Avoid talking over the phone in public. Communicate in person by covering your mouth to avoid lip-reading devices or using Pig Latin. When it comes to digital communication, use a VPN to hide your IP address and encrypt the files on your computer to keep people from hacking in.    

Though this world is full of many revolutionary ideas and innovations, To be clear, there is no mind-reading technology around in the public right now. Scientists do have the ability to interpret certain kinds of thoughts, but this would require you to get a medical procedure. So don’t get worried and keep enjoying. Your privacy is in your hands.


1. Is it possible to read mind with technology?

No, there is no specific device to read the mind, but an AI system can decipher brain wave patterns and generate an image of what it determines a person is looking at.

2. Can mind-reading technology read our dreams?

Some experiments with mind-reading AI have turned peoples’ thoughts, or even dreams, into images.

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