All You Need to Know About the JazzCash Debit Card: An Ultimate Guide

JazzCash debit card

In this era of technology, keeping cash in your pockets is quite an outdated idea. Do you want to experience the smoothest and most secure transactions? Jazz has introduced a debit card, which is making life easier and giving financial freedom. Let us discuss further in detail the features of the JazzCash debit card.

What is a JazzCash Debit Card?

JazzCash offers a personalized debit card for customers to enjoy hassle-free and convenient transactions. They do not need to carry cash and can make payments using their debit card.

JazzCash is offering two types of cards

  1. Mastercard debit card
  2. Paypak debit card

 1. Product features of JazzCash MasterCard and PayPak Debit Card

  • Mastercard provides Secure E-Commerce Transactions. You can use it on all domestic platforms to buy anything.
  • You can set your transaction limits for JazzCash Mastercard debit cards as desired by using the JazzCash mobile application.
  • You can withdraw cash at over 16,000 ATMs all over Pakistan.
  • All retail merchants accept JazzCash debit cards. There are about 67000 retail merchants of JazzCash in Pakistan.
  • Contactless payments on POS machines: No need to take Cash with you when shopping. Tap & pay to complete your shopping transaction (Supported merchants only)
  • You will receive free SMS alerts on every transaction. It will help you to stay updated about your account to avoid any inconvenience.
  • Daily Withdrawal and shopping limit: You can withdraw up to Rs.50,000 from your JazzCash MasterCard (no charges on shopping). But it depends upon the account level maintained by customers.
Payments with JazzCash debit card

How Can You Get Your JazzCash Mastercard Or PayPak Debit Card?

You can get your Mastercard from:

  1. Jazz Cash website
  • Visit 
  • Search Mastercard debit card
  • Click apply now
  • Enter your Jazz Cash account number and Cnic.
  • The ordering fee is 799. You must have 799 in your Jazz cash account.
  • After the fee deduction, your process is complete.
  • You will receive your JazzCash Mastercard debit card within 15 working days.
  • No annual fees

You can get your PayPak Debit Card through the website as well.

  • Visit 
  • Search Paypak debit card
  • Click apply now
  • Enter your Jazz Cash account number and Cnic.
  • The ordering fee is 999. you must have 999 in your Jazz cash account.
  • After the fee deduction, your process is complete
  • You will receive your JazzCash
  1.     JazzCash mobile app
  • Open your Jazz Cash app
  • Click on the debit card
  • Order card
  • 799 will be deducted from your Jazz Cash account.
  • You will receive your debit card within 15 working days.
  1. USSD
  • Dial *786#
  • Select contact us 
  • You will be connected to Jazzcash retailer
  • Transfer 799 rs
  • Your debit card application process is complete
  1. On-spot card delivery
  • Visit your nearest selected MMBL (MOBILINK MICROFINANCE BANK) and apply for your card.
  • This service is yet to be available, but it is coming soon.
Delivery of JazzCash debit card

How to Activate the JazzCash Debit Card?

There is no activation procedure. To withdraw money at any ATM, create your ATM Card PIN by dialing *786# or using the Jazz Cash app. JazzCash Mastercard debit card is auto-activated for payments at retail merchants/all POS machines. So take your card and go shopping.

Deals and Discounts

  1. Fuel up with JazzCash

Are you worried about increasing the price of petrol? Jazz cash debit card is here to save you from a petrol price hike. Fuel up with your Jazz debit card and get 10% cashback.

  1. Discounts at Shoe Stores

Pay with your Jazz cash debit cards and enjoy a 20% sale on your shoes at selected shoe stores. Buy comfort with less expenditures.

  1. Cricket Deal

Enjoy Pakistan matches with 25% off on selected food franchises. Order food using your Jazz Cash debit card and have a treat with your friends and family.

  1. Friday Fun

Enjoy your weekend with Jazz Cash Fridays. Enjoy a 10 % discount on all your debit card transactions.

Deals and Discounts with JazzCash debit card

Benefits of JazzCash Debit Card

Jazz is one of the best cellular networks in Pakistan. Jazz has taken innovative steps to introduce debit cards for the convenience and comfort of its customers. You will experience many benefits while using these debit cards.

  • Using a debit card is a secure and tension-free method of money transactions, as it is not safe to carry cash along with you.
  • Jazz cash debit cards are acceptable all over Pakistan. If you are planning any vacation or a business trip, a JazzCash debit card is always your trusted partner.
  • Jazz cash debit cards offer many deals and discounts, and you can save money on shopping, fueling your car, and restaurants.
  • Unlike other debit cards, the application and activation process of Jazz Cash debit cards is very simple and easy.

Jazz debit cards have shown a quality performance with a positive attitude. Make your life simpler and easier by using jazz cash debit cards and enjoy shopping without taking any tension of carrying cash. So grab your JazzCash debit cards now and go with the flow of technology.


How much time will it take for the card to be delivered to my provided address?

Once an order is placed, then it will take 15 days for delivery time.

What If I don’t receive the card within 15 working days?

You will receive a tracking number after your order is processed. You can track your card. Otherwise, you can contact the jazz helpline.

What should I do if I forget the Card PIN for my JazzCash Debit Card?

You need to contact the helpline. After verification, you will get a new pin.

Can I perform transactions internationally with a JazzCash Debit Card?

No jazz cash debit cards are valid for shopping in Pakistan only.

Can I do online shopping with JazzCash debit cards?

Yes, you can purchase online in Pakistan with a Jazz Cash MasterCard, but on Paypak cards, online shopping is not available.

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