CamScanner Removed from Play Store Due to Trojan-Dropper Malware

CamScanner is a popular app with over 100 millions downloads on the Google Playstore alone. The main purpose of this app is to convert the physical documents to PDF file. The app scans the documents through the camera.

However, during a recent development, this popular scanning app has an advertising library containing malware.

According to the Kaspersky researchers, the CamScanner is hosting a malicious module. This malicious module is named as Trojan-Dropper module. A few pre-installed apps in Chinese origin smartphones also had the same malicious code.

Moreover, Kaspersky notes that this Trojan-Dropper module has the ability to further extract and operate other malware. It can be done with the help of an encrypted file.

This malicious module was is also part of the app’s resources. The resulting malicious module is downloaded by Trojan. It further downloads multiple malware modules.

Furthermore, the latest versions of CamScanner android app have an advertising library with the harmful malicious module. This Trojan-Dropper module could show intrusive ads. Also, it signs the users for paid subscriptions without their knowledge.

Google as per their strict policy against the privacy breach and malware removed this popular scanning app from the Play Store after the research news from Kaspersky.

Developers Remove the Malware?

However, the app developers claim the malware is no longer present in the latest update. The app is not visible on Google Play Store till now. There is speculation that some versions of the app might still have the malware as versions vary with smartphones.

There is a possibility that some users might have CamScanner app with malware installed on their smartphones. Therefore, we advise people to remove the CamScanner app from their phones.

It is better to look for other scanning apps to avoid any harmful privacy breach and malware. It’s for your safety. Here is the official link to the app. But download it at your own risk.
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