Brutal Trolling of Gautam Ghambir By Shahid Afridi

Every one of us is well aware of situation between Pakistan and India. There are tensions between both countries since ages, but now the situation is getting out of control. Every one is discussing the situation in Kashmir, and so are the Indian cricketers.

Celebrities and cricketers in both countries are calling each other out. It seems for some reason Indian celebrities want war too. Indian celebrities are used to give statements against Pakistan and show that they do not keep a heart. Indians actually make films on humanity but forgot to act upon humanity ages ago.

On request of PM Imran Khan to stand out for Kashmir every week, Shahid Afridi tweeted and invited Pakistanis to join him for a silent protest at Mazar-e-Quaid to show solidarity with Kashmir. This was an incredible act by him, and Lala made us proud by his kind act as always.  He also announced that he would visit LOC himself soon.

“Let’s respond to PM calls for Kashmir Hour as a nation. I will be at Mazar e Quaid at 12 pm on Friday. Join me to express solidarity with our Kashmiri brethren. On 6 Sep I will visit the home of a Shaheed. I will soon be visiting LOC.” – @SAfridiOfficial

Indian Cricketers Gets Involved

Without any valid reason, the Indian cricketer Gautam Ghambir decided to include himself in the conversation. The tweet by Shahid Afridi had nothing to do with him, but he took the tweet very personal and tried to troll Lala but keep in mind we Pakistanis do not let go trolls just like that. We Pakistanis know the answer of every kind of troll.

Shahid Afridi trolls Gautam Gambhir

Afridi Strikes Back

However, after Gautam’s tweet, Shahid Afridi came with an epic burn which definitely made sure Gautam Ghambir that it is not easy to troll Pakistani celebrities.

Shahid Afridi reminded everyone what Paddy Upton, the Indian cricket team’s former mental conditioning coach said about Gautam Gambhir. In Paddy Upton statement, he called Gautam one of the most insecure person; he worked with.

Just imagine the insult Gautam Ghambir had to go through. DAMN, Shahid Afridi reminded Gautam that we Pakistanis are not that easy to troll and we really have our eyes open every second. Shahid Afridi has punched Gautam Ghambir right in the face, and we do not regret it after all Lala was talking about Kashmir.

Paddy Upton Bites into Gautam Gambhir

Final Thoughts

Kashmir issue is very sensitive and none of us should make any fun related to it. This is very insensitive what Gautam Ghambir did. He actually showed what Indians believe in. Indian celebrities should show little heart towards Kashmir issue.

However, if they cannot, they should shut their mouths and do not utter foolish stuff. We hope Gautam Ghambir learned a lesson to never mess up with Lala. We are proud of you Lala. You are our hero in real life and on Twitter as well.
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