Can Covid-19 Be Transmitted Sexually?

Can Covid-19 be transmitted sexually?

Coronavirus or Covid-19 is responsible for the deaths of more than 270,000 people worldwide. Even as governments around the world start to relax lockdown measures, the deaths & number of cases keep increasing. According to recent statistics, there have been 83,462 new cases yesterday.

Covid-19 cases on 7th May.
Covid-19 worldwide cases.

Despite the increase in cases & deaths, the Government of Pakistan has also decided to relax the lockdown. Prime Minister Imran Khan said the decision is taken due to the suffering of the common man. The PM termed the lockdown as a measure enforced and advocated by the ‘elite’ class.

Race for Covid-19 Vaccine

The world is racing to manufacture a vaccine for the Covid-19. Many studies have moved to human trials. Countries are also experimenting with available drugs. Recently, Japan approved the use of Gilead remdesivir for patients with severe coronavirus symptoms.

While the world races for a vaccine, there is plenty of other things going around. Recently, Professor Neil Ferguson, the scientist who convinced the UK Government to enforce a lockdown resigned from his post. Mr Ferguson had violated the lockdown to meet with his married lover.

In the USA, a University of Pittsburgh Assistant Professor, Bing Liu, was killed in a murder-suicide. The exact cause of the murder has not been determined. According to the University, the researcher was working on Covid-19. Bing was shot dead in his home before the murderer turned the gun on himself.

A team of Chinese doctors recently published a study about the tranmission of the Covid-19 through sexual acitivity.

Can the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Spread Through Sexual Contact?

The doctors analyzed the semen of patients infected with the novel coronavirus. They detected a presence of the virus in a minority of the samples. This lends authority to the assumption that the virus can be transmitted sexually. The study is based on samples taken from 38 men. However, only 6 of them had the virus in their semen.


But the team has ackowleged that the study is based on a small sample. A larger sample would be required to conclude whether the virus can be transmitted sexually. Experts have warned that the study must be examined critically. Previous studies which examined sperm samples found no traces of Covid-19.

Also, the presence of virus in the semen does not guarantee it can be transmitted sexually. It might be that the virus is no longer active and unable to cause an infection in others. It will be interesting to see the long term effects of Covid-19 on male reproduction. Existing research shows reduction in testosterone levels of coronavirus patients.

In an another intersting development, condom sales have plummeted in the UK. Considering that the virus may spread sexually, the dip in sales is certainly worrying. But it might be that people have stopped having intimate time altogether. It is the more plausible explanation due to strict lockdown measures around the world.

Meanwhile, Karex, the world’s largest condom manufacturer has already closed 3 of its factories.

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