Corona Vaccine: The Reality Behind The Ghost Vaccine Of This Decade

Corona Vaccine

The vaccine conspiracies have made Covid-19 shots shady in the minds of people, because of that they are still unsure and hesitant to get corona vaccine shots

Corona virus vaccine related conspiracy theories were in the air just even before the introduction of corona vaccine to the market. The biggest reason of the spread of false speculations is dependency of the people upon online platforms during this pandemic, when people were not having any clue about the disease and its cure or precautions. So they moved towards these platforms for gaining the knowledge regarding the situation. Online platforms especially whatsapp and Facebook have played the most prominent role during the pandemic as it helped people a lot in attaining information about the ongoing situation and through these platforms everyone was able to keep an eye on  new researches with respect to disease and pandemic situation. In spite of that it also triggered the spread of many vaccine conspiracies.

People are still not aware that the information they received from Whatsapp or other platforms aren’t  always based on truth neither are they approved  by the organizations like WHO and CDC, who are accountable for providing the global health standards and trends. Most of the speculations are made by general public. Instead of following the false information, everyone should only pay attention to the information provided by WHO and CDC. Since, WHO and CDC are advocating that the corona vaccine is safe to use by everybody except kids, therefore, no doubt about vaccine should be catered. The data collection regarding the kids’ vaccination is in progress. In Pakistan people from 18 and above are allowed to get vaccine jab.

After Vaccine jab, most people have experienced side effects like sore arm, body pain, fever, fatigue, nausea etc., which contributed to additional fueling for fears of vaccine. However, according to WHO, these side effects are very mild and doesn’t indicate any risk. The extreme side effects of vaccine are rare. However, in last few months some people in UK and U.S. experienced some rare symptoms like blood clots which led to death due to the injection of Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine. Immediately after the reported cases of blood clots in some recipients, AstraZeneca was suspended in Europe and U.S. initiating a new debate among people as this event proved this vaccine deadly.

Despite that, research showed that one person in a 100,000 have a chance to develop blood clot in adults especially in young adults. The link between the vaccine and blood clot is still not known. The doses of AstraZeneca have now been discontinued in Pakistan also considering its extreme side effects just for the safe side till further research. In Europe and U.S the AstraZeneca vaccine jabs have been resumed but it is only allowed for the people above age of 60.

Besides, some people still believe the myths regarding vaccine, for instance, vaccine is ineffective to fight corona virus, and the purpose of vaccine is to reduce the population of the world. What’s more, a lot think that a tracking chip is being inserted in the body, whereas people are missing out the fact that they don’t need to insert any chip. We are carrying the smartest tracking device in our hands all the time known as smart phones without which we can’t even function a second yet blaming vaccine for it. Many more foolish and baseless concepts are being circulated in the world. Surprisingly, the population afraid of vaccine also includes health workers.

In reality, people should be aware of the fact that whenever any new medicine or vaccine is introduced to the market it faces criticism and false allegations. Initially it is regarded as a ghost and is surrounded with suspicions. It requires a lot of time to get acceptance. Moreover, the side effects which people are afraid of can be caused by any medicine and former vaccine also. As it is totally dependent upon the recipient’s body that how it reacts to a vaccine jab. Also, the Corona vaccine is continuously being observed, for detection of any rare adverse effects or events.

This investigation is conducted to control the bad effects of vaccine right away, if anything happens. So instead of believing myths, one should start getting awareness about the vaccine in order to combat myths. And we should know the importance of vaccine. As the only way to fight back with Corona virus is to get vaccinated, be it good or bad. 

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