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Drinking Coffee May Trigger Migraine

A cup of coffee induces migraine among people

Who doesn’t love a cup of coffee? It helps us stay up, be productive, and let the ‘morning laziness’ pass. Well, coffee hoarders – I have a tough message for you! A recent study concluded that drinking coffee (or caffeinated drinks) excessively could cause a migraine.

Well, that doesn’t sound all that well. The study further suggested that migraines are caused if you drink more than three caffeinated drinks in a single day. The effect is even worse if you’re already prone to headaches. 

Just words don’t sound legit, do they? The study was quite extensive and covered several subjects to find out the effect. People who drink caffeinated drinks against those who don’t drink such drinks; the study gathered data from both.

Evidently, people with high consumption showed signs of migraines on the same day or the following day. On the contrary, people who didn’t take caffeinated drinks had lesser headaches to worry about.

However, headaches are quite common, right? So, just caffeine consumption doesn’t feel like the right fit for the study. But, here’s the thing: this data was thoroughly collected after eliminating other factors like sleep deprivation, stress, and others.

Results of the Survey

To give life to the claims, a survey was carried out. The survey was formulated to analyze 100 adults who were already suffering from episodic migraines (at least twice a month and no more than 15 times per month).

These adults filled out the survey form twice a day to document their caffeine intake for six weeks. This included every drink that might remotely contain traces of caffeine. They were also asked to fill out their migraine situation that day.

On average, participants reported having eight migraines in the period of the survey. Participants, on average, took at least one such drink in a single day. Overall, this accounted for over eight servings in a single week.

This helped researchers to compare the results of participants of those who experienced migraines with caffeine consumption on that day versus the ones who didn’t experience such a situation with the caffeine intake.

People who consumed caffeine excessively showed signs of migraines the next day. Likewise, those who didn’t consume enough or had 1-2 caffeinated drinks didn’t have migraines on the following day.

However, those with no history of taking caffeine showed signs of migraines upon consuming one or two caffeinated drinks.

Often, people have caffeinated drinks or loads of coffee after their migraine has started. Well, the researcher also conducted a study on “reverse causation.” The research was to examine the intake of coffee against the occurrence of migraines on a given day.

Even that connection laid out the same results. Having three or more caffeinated drinks boosted your chances of having a migraine on the following day. Whereas, having no such drink will reduce your chances on a large scale.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article was enlightening for you, and you’ll take notice of your caffeine consumption. Point being, everything in moderation is safe for you; the same is quite true for coffee and other drinks and food as well.

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