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Drugstore Makeup vs High End Makeup

One thing I would like to clear from the start is that I am a guy. Why am I writing on this topic? The answer is quite simple. I am in a relationship with a beautiful woman who loves makeup and other beauty products. Now, I love this woman. So, I try to gift her things she likes which includes – eye makeup, eyeliner, concealers, foundations and so much more.

How do I know about these makeup products? Well, I researched. I researched the internet for different products for different parts of the face.

Juvia’s Place, Maybelline Mascara, KKW Beauty, Huda Beauty & More

Until not so long ago, I did not know what these words meant or how important they are to a woman. But my new partner is into such things. So, I made an effort to know more about the things she likes. But I must warn all men that it is tough.

You buy the woman a beauty product that you feel she will love but she goes like:


Then she goes on an endless tirade of how you wasted the money on a thing that is not what it seems. Then she goes into the details. This product is not good because it contains this and that. If you are going to buy a mascara, buy a Maybelline Mascara. It’s good in quality and looks good on me. Meanwhile, you just stand there with no idea what she is talking about. Not taking defeat lightly, you try one more time.

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In my case, I buy her a JACLYN HILL PALETTE (this was before the controversy erupted regarding their products.

Jaclyn Hill Controversy

Before you decide to Google ‘Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics Controversy’, be patient and continue reading. I am going to let you all there is to the controversy. But in very brief terms. Shortly after the release, buyers began sharing pictures of Jaclyn Hill products.

Makeup Products

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The pictures are of tiny hairs in the products, poor packaging, holes in the products, and other quality problems. Needless to say, at the time, I did not know about it. In hindsight, a quick Google search would have saved me an earful and a lifetime of embarrassment.

Jaclyn Hill Products Poor Quality Makeup

This was the final straw for me. I decided that a little homework is the need of the hour. For the first time, I came to know that there are two types of makeup – drugstore and high end. In men’s terms, its like the basic version of a vehicle and the high-end variant.

Drugstore Makeup vs High End Makeup

If you are a lady reading this, you might be wondering what does a guy know about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup? I am going to be honest. About an year ago, makeup for me was just lipstick, nail polish and mascara. Anything beyond this was confusing.

‘Contouring, Concealer, Foundation, Air Brush’ = Alien Words

You might be thinking if I spent my whole life in a jungle. The answer is no. I simply do not know these words, products because I grew up with 4 older brothers and no sister. My mother was not into makeup much. While going out, she just put on lipstick. Hence, I do not know much about makeup or different makeup brands. I do know that many celebrities have their own brands. But that’s just about it.

So what’s the:

Difference between drugstore makeup and high end makeup?

Before we start, let’s understand these words.

Drugstore = Something which you might casually find at your local shop, Target or Walmart.

High End = Something that you will only find in premium shops and not casually lying around in a Target or TESCO.


Drugstore Makeup = Makeup products you can easily find at your local retail stores.

High End Makeup = Makeup products that you will only find at premium stores or brand-owned shops.

But it is not the only difference.


One of the things which separates drugstore makeup from the high end counterpart are the ingredients. High end makeup brands like Bobbi Brown or MAC get the ingredients for their products from different sources. They may import it from another country. Likewise, they rely more on natural ingredients than synthetic creations. This increases the cost of the final product.

On the other hand, drugstore makeup brands rely on synthetic products or cheaper alternatives. It helps them keep the prices lower. In simple terms, drugstore makeup products have synthetic and lower quality (not always!) ingredients than high end makeup products.


Just like the ingredients, the technology also differs. High end products are mostly owned by companies with deep pockets. Hence, their products are technologically more superior as compared to drugstore makeup products. Nevertheless, it may not hold true for all drugstore makeup kits. Some of them are owned by organizations with billions of dollars in revenue each year.


This is quite obvious. A high end makeup brand product will cost a lot more than a standard drugstore product. This is due to the type of materials & technology involved. Also, top brands can charge more for their brands due to their brand equity.

Product Choice

High end makeup brands offer more choice to consumers. You will find products for different skin types, seasons, colours and more. On the other hand, drugstore brands are unlikely to offer a lot of choice to consumers. Instead of catering to a variety of customers, they focus on products which are easier to sell. This limits their product offerings.

Drugstore Makeup vs High End Makeup – Final Thoughts

It took me a while to understand the differences. It took me even longer to decide which product is the best. But with a little internet research, hard work, and your partners ‘encouraging’ words, you’ll get the hang of makeup products one day.

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