Pakistan Army Appoints First Hindu Major

India, a country well-known as a Hindu extremist nation, has been violating the rights of minorities, especially Muslims. The biggest example is Indian atrocities in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Their armed forces and government are not kind enough to accept the Muslim minority.

The global world has now finally witnessed the brutal and real face of India that can be anything but ‘secular.’ Kashmiris living in Indian-occupied Kashmir will continue to bleed. But Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan raised this issue on Twitter and requested UNSC to take immediate notice of this matter.

However, in Pakistan, minorities are better off as compared to minorities in India. There is no denying, minorities are also mistreated in Pakistan. But not to the same extent. Efforts to mainstream minorities and provide them with religious rights are underway.

Minorities are better valued in Pakistan, and religious tourism is recently on the peak. Thanks to efforts made by the Pakistani government for opening religious monuments of minorities all over the country. Parsis, Sikhs, Hindus, etc. are all performing their duties side by side with Muslims in all sectors of the country.

Pakistan Army Accepts Minorities In Its Ranks

Pakistan Army appoints a Hindu as a major for the first time in its history.

One of the most prominent examples of this equality prevailing in Pakistan is that of first Hindu Major of Pakistan, Dr Kelash Garvada, in the Ministry of Defence. He is from Tharparkar, Sindh. After 2000, Pakistan Army started accepting Hindu minorities into their rank.

Since then, a countless number of individuals like Major. Dr Kelash, are serving the country. He proudly wears the Army uniform with a green flag on it. Along with serving the Pakistan Army, Dr Kelash has also been honored with different awards due to his valuable contributions.

Achievements of Dr Kelash

Some of his awards include Tamgha-e-Azam, Tamgha-e-Baqa, and Tamgha-e-Difa. He stayed for 36 days at the highest Army post of the words, K2. Also, he served in operations such as Rahe-Nijant in Swat and Operation-Almeezan in Waziristan. He joined Pakistan Army as Captain. Dr Kelash has an MBBS from LUHMS, Hyderabad.

During his tenure, he traveled to different countries for representing Pakistan such as in Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain, Dubai, Egypt, and Uganda. Currently, he is serving as a major in 86 Medical battalion Quetta along with serving as an officer in charge of health services.

Major Kelash is an excellent example of how minorities are treated in the Muslim state. India is far behind at this point, but still, Pakistan is maintaining the rights of minorities and treating them with the respect they deserve. We hope that the Pakistan Army appoints more Hindu and other minorities to senior positions and not just as a Major.

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