How Is Digital Marketing Better Than Traditional Marketing?


Marketing has taken a new turn, owing to the technological advances of this generation. If you were to ask someone older about marketing, they just wouldn’t let go of the traditional marketing ways which once skyrocketed all over the world. But, in this era of electronics, digitalisation, and constant growth, are those methods still as beneficial as they used to be?

That is precisely where the battle between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing comes up!

Businesses are torn between choosing either of the two; traditional or digital marketing. Although you’ll be enticed by the idea of using both conventional and digital marketing techniques, you probably can’t do that because of the budgetary constraints. Now that we’ve ruled out the option to employ both strategies, here’s the most important question that needs to be answered:

Digital Marketing or Traditional Marketing?

Keeping every constraint in mind, let’s try to answer this question in the most effective way possible:

Easy Measurement of Results

When using traditional methods, it is often hard, if not impossible, at all, to track your success measures. Obviously, how much you can know with spreading out brochures and advertising in newspapers. However, it is entirely different when using digital strategies.

Digital advancement has made it possible to measure and analyse the success and other relevant information in no time. In this way, you can easily decide what works in your favour and what doesn’t, and eventually, you can adjust your strategies accordingly.


If I was to convince you about the fact that digital marketing is way, way cheaper than digital marketing; you might not believe me. However, if you run the calculations through your mind, you’ll be hit with the massive cut on printing and paper supplies that you buy right now.

Traditional marketing heavily relies on such tactics, and there’s no workaround this. Not only that, but distribution charges are also an addition to the overall budget that you’ve set aside for marketing. Although we’re not going to go above and beyond to show that digital marketing costs zero to nothing; because it does.

The expenses of digital marketing are going to be there, but way less than traditional marketing. Online marketing is way more effective as it produces higher ROI relatively, and it also opens the gate to a broader audience, especially teenagers or people who are constantly on their electronic devices.

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Customer Interaction and Engagement

With conventional marketing, it is near to impossible to communicate with the audience. It is difficult for people to root back with your flyers and newspaper ads; basically, they only serve the purpose of providing information and waiting for the audience to patronise the business.

On the other hand, online marketing has more to offer. Businesses following digital marketing strategies can interact with their audiences more rapidly and efficiently. Are you wondering how does it happen? Chatbots, social media messages, comments are vital features to build a better engagement between the business and audience.

A smooth channel of interaction and engagement helps people build their trust in the business, and eventually leads to repeating of customers as well as brand loyalty.

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Digital Marketing Offers Bigger Audience

Among a long list of limitations of traditional marketing, one factor that should be placed on first is that it is restricted geographically. In simpler words, even if you don’t have a local business, there are fair chances that your brand won’t gain popularity outside the local or regional vicinity.

While traditional concepts of marketing are focused on creating awareness about your business locally, digital marketing can help you travel worldwide. You have more control over the campaigns that can be tailored to reach your targeted audiences globally. Only you are the one to decide how far you want to go, and obviously your budget too.

It’s a World of Share Buttons Now

If you take a closer look at your social media feeds, half the content is either reshared or liked by people all around you. What does this show you? Shares and likes are the way forward through this digital era. Not only do these buttons create awareness, but they’re also an excellent addition to the popularity and overall likeness of the brand amongst the people.

So, why not incorporate this benefit with your business marketing as well? Digital Marketing, more specifically, Social Media Marketing, is the “new” thing. You just need to create catchy and viral-worthy content, and in no time, with the power of share buttons, your posts will be seen everywhere. Not to mention, catchy adverts can captivate viewers of all types and ages. This makes it a lot easier to reach to the audience.

Audience Has Viewing Control

If you’re fond of reading newspapers or magazines, have you ever been able to identify adverts from normal content? Or, have you ever willingly tried to read through those adverts? Unless the offer was too compelling to be ignored. However, for youngsters or people of this generation, newspapers, radios, and such mediums of knowledge are soon to disappear. So, why not choose a medium using which the audience can choose what they want to view?

Digital marketing does just that. It provides people from your audience the ability to have the power to view the advert if they want to, or leave it. Not only that, but the influence factor is the most amazing thing in digital marketing. If someone from your audience loves the piece, he or she may share it with their circle. This creates a chain of sharing, so your content spreads like wildfire! This way, you can effectively engage with the audience and create content which can help fulfil their needs easily.

Concluding Remarks

With everything being digitised, from magazines to transactions, there is no room left in people’s lives to pay attention to news adverts, brochures and flyers. It is highly important for businesses to take advantages of such digitalisation and invest in the campaigns that are fruitful for both audiences as well as the business itself. And you already know the answer to the question “what are those campaigns”; it is no other than our discussion winner DIGITAL MARKETING.


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