How Much E-Commerce Is Effective In Pakistan?

E-Commerce in Pakistan

Let us go back 40 years in time. A poor person from a village wants to sell handmade pots. Every day, he loads his bicycle with as many pots as possible. He pedals to the city each day. The city is 31 km away from his mud-brick house. Every single day, the old man hopes to sell as many pots as possible. The remaining pots are then paddled back to the house.

The process repeats itself the next day. Fast forward to the present day.

The old man’s youngest son is also a seller. But not like his father.

The son sells everything online using He does not need to pedal 31 km every day. Nor does he need to pray that all the products are sold before sunset. Instead, the son does not worry about any such things. He is simply indulged in his laptop and smartphone.

He waits patiently to receive the next order. The old man fails to understand any of this. He asks his son why he does not get out of the house? After all, it is what he did to make a living. Nor does he understand how his son earns money. Especially, when he hardly does except stare at the laptop screen.

Age of E-Commerce

The poor old man fails to realize that it is the Age of E-commerce. The son does not need to do anything that his father did. He must only replicate his father’s hard work. E-commerce has made it a lot easier to sell products and services. Likewise, it is equally easier to buy these products & services.

While other things are on a downward spiral, online businesses & ecommerce in Pakistan continues to grow each year.

But before I discuss current state of e-commerce in Pakistan, we need to know the history.

History of E-Commerce in Pakistan

E-commerce & internet availability go hand in hand. For several reasons, the internet is not available throughout Pakistan (this holds true even to this day). The first glimpses of e-commerce in Pakistan can be traced back to 2001. One of the first online stores in Pakistan was Beliscity (no longer functional in Pakistan).

Over the years, Shophive and Symbios made their mark. Another prominent name is HomeShopping.

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Humza Ahmad Barlas
Humza Ahmad Barlas is researcher/analyst of public policy issues. Beyond that, Humza has an avid interest in gaming, technology, and sports.

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