Vape Pen Explosions – A 24 Year Old Man Dies In Texas

Initially, vaping was introduced in the market as a “healthier” alternative to tobacco cigarettes. And it did work wonders to a lot of chain smokers. But recently, vape pen explosions have become the norm.

A lot of injury burns, and now even fatal deaths have been reported with vape pens exploding all of a sudden.

Recent Case of Vape Pen Explosions

A similar incident occurred recently when a vape pen exploded in the mouth of a 24 years old man in Texas. After the explosion, his face was completely ripped off, and a chunk of flesh came out.

Not only his face, in fact, but the explosion also injured his neck artery. The pieces of the device were launched inside his face and his neck due to the explosion.

Because of the explosion of the lithium battery of the vape pen, William Brown’s hand, mouth and tongue were all burnt due to the acid inside the pen.

Moreover, according to the witnesses and his grandmother, William had to run some errands on the 27th of January, and for that, he left the house.

On his way to work, he stopped at this store for a vape pen that was outside Fort Worth. After buying the pen, William sat in the parked car and put his lips to the pen when the explosion occurred. He got out of the car to gain some balance, but then he collapsed.

He was taken to the hospital right away, but as the injuries and the burns were too severe, and he died in the hospital. As said earlier, thousands of injuries are reported annually regarding e-cigarette explosions and people have now started to wonder whether vape pens are more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes (at least with cigarettes there aren’t any explosions).

Are Vaping Devices Really Safe & Healthy?

These explosions have started a debate about the safety and health risks of vape pens and other similar devices. The government agencies are still trying to figure out the health effects of these vape pens, and a statement is yet to come out.

Vape Pen Explosion

Also, when William’s friends cleaned his car, they found out something truly horrifying. The car tray and the cup holder inside melted due to the explosion.

Even the battery of the pen melted and was wrapped up the cup holder. “It looked like someone had shot him”, he said.

When the doctors took William to the hospital, they told William’s family that there was no sense of urgency. Surgery was required to take out the metal piece of the vape pen that went from William’s mouth to his neck and logged there.

Surgery Could Not Be Carried Out

The family and all the doctors were getting everything ready for the surgery. But the next morning, they found out William lying dead on the floor.

According to the doctors, his death occurred due to a stroke after carotid artery in his neck was severed. They just could not do anything about the situation.

Final Thoughts

This and other similar incidents are a clear-cut indication that neither tobacco cigarettes are safe nor e-cigarettes. So, if you thought about shifting to vape pens, then you better reconsider your decision after reading all these exploding incidents.
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