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Best Tips for How to Avoid Wrinkles in the Lips?

Avoid lip wrinkles with these effective tips

The skin around the mouth is tender, almost like the skin around the eyes. That is why these two zones on the face are the first to produce age-related changes. In this article, we will tell you how to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the lips, and if they already exist, make them less noticeable.

The reasons why small wrinkles, the so-called “barcode” appear around the lips ahead of time, have long been studied:

– strong lip tension (voluntary or involuntary);

– frequent moistening of the lips with the tongue (bad habit or necessity);

– bad habits when caring for the skin;

dry skin;

– lack of vitamins in the diet;

– lack of antioxidants in the diet;

– prolonged exposure to the sun, frost, wind with unprotected skin;

– lack of muscle activity in the mouth;

– circulatory disorders in the lips;

– the habit of drinking through a straw, squeezing lips; – smoking.

Six Ways to Fight Wrinkles in Your Mouth

If the wrinkles around your mouth have already appeared and it seems to you that they are aging you, start to struggle with the causes of their appearance. For those who do not have wrinkles, our recommendations will be even more valuable, since there is nothing better than preventing problems.

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1. Simple Workout

You can do this exercise anywhere, at home or office. When performed regularly, it will help strengthen muscles and improve blood circulation in this area.

Open your mouth a little, as if uttering the sound “o”, then open a little more to say “a” soundlessly. Switch between “O” and A, fixing each sound with a small voltage, without closing your mouth.

If your lips are dry, it is best to lubricate them with a drop of almond oil or hygienic lipstick before exercise.

2. Attention to the lips

At work, school, at home in front of the TV or in a conversation with a friend, you may not notice how, under certain circumstances, you are pursing your lips, thus expressing anger, tension, or other emotions. Try now to notice the clamps and relax your lips.

3. Essential oils

We have already told you about almond oil, but there are alternative options in case you have an allergic reaction to almonds. You need to choose oils with a high content of vitamin E (sunflower, peach and olive, as an example). It is better to lubricate the skin with gentle massage movements after a shower when it is warm and receptive. Be sure to remove excess oil with a paper towel.

4. Masks

Masks for the skin around the mouth and lips should be done regularly. Here is one good recipe:

honey 1 teaspoon;

• natural yogurt 1 teaspoon;

• sugar 1 tsp.

Mix the three ingredients and swirl the resulting cream in circular motions on the lips. Leave the mask on for a few minutes and then rinse with warm water.

Many of you will probably have a question about the usefulness of sugar. Imagine its active chemical composition for the skin is a treasure. The main thing is to choose small sugar so as not to disturb the skin with large particles. Do not mix the mask for a long time, do not wait for the sugar to completely dissolve.

5. Cream

Choose cream with aloe and rose hip flowers. Both ingredients moisturize the skin well. To prepare such a cream is easy at home. It is necessary to insist in a glass of water a handful of rose hips. Then mix the infusion with aloe gel in portions and apply in a small amount.

6. Nutrition

We all know that a healthy diet affects skin well. However, do not overlook the following products: avocados, sesame seeds, carrots, broccoli, lemon, tomatoes. All of these products contain the antioxidants needed for supple, youthful skin.

Do not make lips with a bow

  • On the skin of the lips there are few sebaceous glands, it is quite thin, and therefore dries quickly and requires protection. Licking the lips, we only dry them even more. Beeswax, one of the natural ingredients that can hold moisture on lips for a long time.
  • There are many thin, branched vessels in the lips, so even minor injuries can bleed greatly. Dry injury precedes microtrauma. Drink plenty of water and do not forget about sunscreen.
  • Do not touch your lips often – many have the habit of wrinkling their lips with their hands or a fountain pen.
  • Remember that long-lasting and waterproof lipsticks dry the skin on the lips.

Interesting fact

Scientists have investigated the question of which form of female lips is the most attractive for men. It turned out that the ideal ratio is when the upper lip is about half narrower than the lower one. But cosmetologists recommend a form in which both lips are equally puffy. This option turned out to be unpopular along with the incorrect position of the lips – asymmetry and very thin lips.


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