Mini spy camera is all the rage these days. People are buying it for all kind of reasons. Some are using it for their businesses. I mean we all come across people who are not exactly nice. Your employees might pilfer. Likewise, customers are not really angels. Shop lifting is common throughout the world. Regular security cameras have proved to be redundant. Why?

Whenever a person sees a standard security camera, they improvise. They know where it is located, how to disable it and everything else. Moreover, they can simply hide their face too. Now, imagine a hidden security camera. Apart from you, no one knows where it is located. The pilferer, customer or robber might think that there is no camera. This gets them relaxed.

This is where your mini spy cam or hidden surveillance cameras come in handy. As they are unaware that a spycam exists, they let their guard down. You can easily catch them in the act and use the recorded video as proof. Moreover, one can strategically place the camera in a place where it is invisible. In short, you can use the spy cam for various reasons.

We are not going to ask you why you need a mini spy hidden camera in the first place. Keep your secrets to yourself. But make sure that you do not do anything illegal. Mini spy cameras seem to be growing in popularity each day. Again, we do not need to know why. Instead, we are going to review arguably the best mini spy camera for you.

It is not the James Bond type spy camera pen or anything like that. Instead, it is Reloha’s mini spy camera.

FAQs About the Relohas Mini Spy Camera

1. Is this camera wireless?

Yes, this is a wireless mini spy camera.However, you need to plug it in to a power source (e.g. power bank) for continuous use or to recharge the batteries.

2. Can this camera record video?

Yes, you can use this min spy cam to record videos. You can also download these videos directly to your smartphone.

3. How can I install it?

Just follow the instructions or watch this video.

4. Can I Use it as a mini security camera?

You can use it any way you want. Just make sure that you are doing nothing illegal.

5. Does it record audio?

It is a small hidden video recorder that captures HD video along with audio. You can hear whatever it is that you are recording.

6. Can I use it without Wi-Fi?

This spy camera is a HD mini Wi-Fi camera. But you can use it without WiFi as well.

7. Can I use this camera without plugging it into the socket?

Yes, you can. But the battery lasts only about 2.5 hours. Therefore, I would recommend you use a power bank or keep it plugged in.

8. How long do I need to charge it before using it?

You can use it without charging it by directly plugging it into a power source. Or, you can charge it for 5 hours so that the battery is fully charged. You can then use for 2.5 hours before the battery drains out again.

9. Can I use this spycam it in extreme temperatures?

We recommend against using it in extreme temperatures as it may damage the camera.

10. Do I have to insert a SD card?

This mini hidden camera records in two ways. You can insert a SD card into it. The recording will be saved in the SD card. Or you can use the phone App. Simply tap on record and the recording will be saved in the phone.

11. Is the App compatible with my phone?

The camera application is available for download on Google Play Store and IOS.

12. Does the Relohas Mini Spy Camera have a Manual?

Yes, the Relohas Mini Spy Camera comes with a manual. You can use the manual to set up the camera in case you face any issues.

13. Can people detect this spycam with a hidden camera detector?

Unless people know what they are looking for, it is quite difficult to detect hidden security cameras.

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Uses for Spy Cam

There are various uses for the spy cam or secret camera as some like to call them. Just make sure that you are not using it for anything illegal or unethical. Some of the most common uses include:

  • Security

The cam can be used as a CCTV in any setting (shop, office, cash counters etc.)

  • Household Surveillance

You can install the cam at your doorstep or backyard to monitor all types of activities

  • Nanny Cam

It can be used as a nanny cam.

  • Car Security

This is also a mini spy camera for cars. Next time if someone decides to key your car, you can easily catch them in the act. Teslas have built-in motion sensor cameras which serve this purpose as well.

What You Get When Ordering the Relohas Spy Camera?

The package includes:

Mini Hidden Spy Cam1
Adhesive Sticker2
User Manual1
USB Cable (for charging purposes)1
Charging Plug1

Customer Reviews

For us, the camera is a marvelous piece of technology. But not everyone has the same experience. Likewise, not everyone has the time to go through the customer reviews. So, we have compiled the bad reviews to give you an idea about what you should expect.

  • App Problems

Most bad reviews are related to application problems. Users have found it difficult to connect the camera to their phone. However, this issue can be simply resolved by resetting the camera & trying again. We are confident that this issue is resolved in latest updates.

  • Installation

Other common problem that users have cited is that the user manual is too difficult to read. It makes installation quite complex. This issue can be resolved by simply viewing the installation video.

  • Size

The camera is attached to a round holder. This increases the size. However, customers need to understand that the holder exists so that the camera can be fitted into a place. If there is no holder, such a small cam would keep falling over.


Relohas Mini Spy Camera


Pros (Advantages)
  • 24/7 Live Stream - You can view the live feed of the security camera 24/7. Simply plug in this mini security camera into your Wi-Fi. You can view the footage from the App, or you can view it later from the SD Card.
  • Live Notifications - We just talked about the camera has a built-in motion detection feature. Well, there is more to this feature. The camera will send live notifications to your mobile phone when it detects any motion. However, don’t be too concerned about the false alarms which is a problem with many other wireless small hidden cameras. Why? The Relohas Mini Spy Camera lets you set the sensitivity level for the camera. You can set it to low, medium or high depending on your needs.
  • Recording Modes - This camera offers four recording modes. Yes, four! This is truly one of its unique features. You can use this camera as a 24/7 mini security camera. However, you will need to insert a high capacity SD card into it. Likewise, you can use it to record for a fixed period. You can set the timer, and the camera will record only for the set time period. It also has a built-in motion detection feature. Therefore, the camera will only record when it detects a motion. Lastly, you can simply use the phone App to turn on/off the camera when it suits you.
  • Extremely Easy to Use - You do not need to be tech savvy to use this camera. Just follow the instructions and you can easily set up the camera in no time. The emphasis is on following the instructions carefully!
  • Camera Reach - This mini WiFi camera is quite small. Despite its small size, the camera angle is better than most spy cameras which are bigger in size. This camera offers
  • Design - The camera has no light or sound. Might sound faulty but it is not! The reason that it has no light or sound is to give it full stealth. No one could suspect that there is a camera because they will not see a light or hear a sound.
  • Suitability - This spy cameras with a special feature – the hook. The hook feature allows you to hang the camera anywhere you want. If that is not enough, you have 3MM stickers too. Just attach the sticker to a surface and attach the camera. That is simply how easy it is!
  • Night Vision - This camera has a night vision mode as well. Therefore, even if there is no light, the camera can still record.
What We Do Not Like About This Camera (Cons)
  • Price - Personally, I feel that the camera is a little bit overpriced. $54.99 might be too much for this HD mini WIFI camera.
  • Battery - 2.5 worth of recording on a full charge is not so great. The manufacturer must upgrade the battery to at least 12 hours.
  • Application - Although the application is easy to use, sometime connectivity issues can arise. In this case, the best option is to manually reset the camera & reconnect again.

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