How To Check Online E-Challan in Lahore

Confused about paying and checking your E-Challan online? you got your challan ticket and unable to find how to pay? Relax and sit back. We have a solution to your queries. Have a look at this article.

Outline of the article

What is an E-Challan:

    In this era of digital infrastructure, now it’s easy to pay your challan  conveniently e-challan is a digital process of  traffic violation ticket imposed by law enforcement authorities to give notice to the individual or owner of vehicle of their violation of rules and imposed fine on them which they have to pay online. During the times of Covid 19, Punjab safe cities authority in collaboration with City traffic police has launched an E-challan system in Lahore. 

How to check online E-Challan:

      To check an online e-challan in Lahore, Pakistan, you can follow these steps:

Visit the Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) Official Website:

  •  Visit the official website of the Punjab Safe Cities Authority: which holds the responsibility   of managing and issuing e-challan in Lahore. Search for URL in your preferred search engine.
  • Open the E-Challan Section: Once you reach the PSCA website, search the section related to e-challans. This section may be categorized as “E-Challan” or something similar to this.
  • Enter Vehicle details: You will usually need to enter specific information of your vehicle. This information may include your vehicle’s registration number, license number or your CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card) number.
  • Submit the Information: After entering the complete information and details, click on the submit or search button.
  • View E-Challan Details: If you have any unpaid e-challans, the website will display all the details, including the date when it was issued, the violation (why it was issued), and the amount to be paid.

How to pay E-challan 

    Online Payment:   

Now it’s up to you if you want to pay the e-challan online, there are many websites offering an option to make the online payment through various methods, like credit/debit cards or mobile wallets. Follow the directions for online payment.

Visit a Service Center: but if you do not want to pay online and prefer to pay in person, you can download and print your challan from the website and pay it in the National bank of Pakistan with the given amount.

Is the E-Challan system helpful for people?

  • E-Challan is a digital process,which makes things quite easier for citizens.
  • Citizens can easily pay their challans from anywhere at any time.
  • No need for paperwork.
  • Road cameras are installed to avoid any kind of traffic violation.No chance of human error.
  • There is no hassle  of standing in long queues to complete the legal process of challan.
  • It makes the transactions transparent,reduces the chances of corruption.
  • As it is a transparent helps in increasing revenue of the country.

To check e-challans in Lahore, it’s essential to keep in mind that the process and website may undergo changes, so for the safer side visit the official Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) website for the latest information and instructions regarding e-challan checking and payment procedures. The website typically requires you to enter your vehicle registration number or CNIC, and it provides step-by-step guidance. If you encounter any issues or have questions, you can reach out to the Lahore traffic police department for assistance.


1. Is E-Challan monetized by humans?

NO, it’s completely a digital process.

2. What if I don’t pay my E-Challan on time?

Your seized vehicle documents will be sent to court, and you will have to pay a double fine.

3. Is there any chance of theft or corruption in E-Challan system?

 It is a digital process and transparency level is up to mark..

4. Can I pay through jazz cash?

  YES, you can pay your E-Challan via jazz cash and easy paisa.

5. Do I get any online receipt of payment of E-Challan?

 YES, you will get an online receipt after you pay your E-Challan


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