Is Oppo F21 Pro Plus worth buying? a detailed review

  Are you searching for the best smartphone in the market which has outstanding features with pocket-friendly rates? oppo has put an end to your search by introducing its revolutionary smartphone Oppo F21 Pro Plus which has taken the smartphone market by storm. its beautiful build, sleek design, speed, and camera make it perfect for Android lovers. Why dont we delve into the specifications of this outstanding Android phone and check whether it is worth buying or not?.

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Specifications of Oppo F21 Pro Plus
Availability and price in Pakistan
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Comparison with previous Oppo smartphones
Is it worth buying?


Size and weight 

      Its  height is 15.99cm, width is about 7.32 cm, thickness is 0.75cm and weight is about 175g. It is light weight which makes it pocket friendly.


  • Oppo f21 pro plus has 8GB inbuilt RAM and 128GB can be extended up to 5GB.RAM type is LPDDR4X@2133MHz2x16bit
  • Phone storage card is supported.
  • USB  OTG(Reverse charging supported)


  • Screen size 6.43 inches
  • Screen ratio 90.80%
  • Resolution 2400×1080
  • Refresh rate up to 90 Hz
  • Touch sampling rate maximum 180Hz(2 fingers),Default 120Hz (5 fingers)
  • Colour depth 16.7 ,million colours
  • Pixel density 409 PPI
  • Brightness normal mode 430 nits,high brightness mode 600 nits
  • Panel AMOLED
  • Cover glasses GG5


  • Main camera 64 MP,f/1.7,6P lens ,shooting mode night,photo,video,expert,panorama,portrait,time lapse,slow motion,text scanner,google lens
  • Microscope 2MP,F/3.3,3P+1R lens
  • Mono 2MP,f/2.4,5P lens
  • Front camera 32 MP,f/2.4,5P lens, shooting mode photo,video,panorama,portrait,night,time lapse,sticker.
  • High resolution video,slow motion,video stabilization.


  • Cpu Snapdragon 680
  • Cpu speed core 8 cores up to 2.4GHz
  • GPU Adreno610@1100MHz

Battery :

  • 4385mAh/16.96 Wh(rated value)
  • 4500mAh/17.41 Wh(typical value)
  • Fast charging


  • Fingerprint supported
  • Facial recognition supported
  • Sensors..geomagnetic sensor,pedometer,gravity sensor,optical sensor,accelerometer

Cellular network

  • Dual sim 
  • Nano sim card/Nano-USIM CARD
  • 2G,3G and 4G enabled


  • Bluetooth
  • USB interface
  • Earphone jack

Inbox items

  • Phone 1
  • Charger * 1USB data cable *
  • SIM Ejector Tool * 1
  • Safety Guide * 1
  • 1Quick Guide * 1
  • Protective Case * 1

 Availability  and Price in Pakistan:

Oppo F21 Pro Plus is available in Pakistan at stores and online with a starting price of 122, is available in 2 variants of 8GB RAM/128GB storage.

Pros of Oppo F21 Pro Plus:

Chinese smartphone company Oppo has launched its new smartphone in the F series, the f 21 Pro Plus. it has many remarkable features that attract customers.

  1.  It’s a masterpiece for those who love stylish phones. Its beautiful style and sleek design make it prominent among others. The unique design and weight add to its beauty.
  2.   Its ultra-slim retro design is a feast for eyes. 6.43 inch display with high resolution adds colors to life.
  3.   Display sports gorilla glass for protection.
  4.   You no longer need to get tense about water splashes. This phone is water resistant and won’t get wrecked by water.
  5.   Oppo has introduced a unique combination of lenses in Oppo F21 Pro Plus. The triple camera has given a new meaning to photography. Consequently, this smartphone is surely a wonderful gift for those who love capturing memories.
  6.    Microlens are added to magnify even the tiniest objects and grab amazing pictures and videos.
  7.    A notification light is added called the orbiting light. The Orbit light blinks when the device gets a call or any notification during charging.

Cons of Oppo F21 Pro Plus

    Though the Oppo F21 pro meets many requirements of the best smartphone in the town it has some shortcomings.

  1. Firstly it is not meant for you if you are an enthusiastic gamer. in The 8GB variant process of downloading slows if 5-6 apps are running at the same time.
  2.   Similarly, video streaming is not too comfortable if you are in the habit of multitasking.
  3.     A lagging issue occurs if you are working on many apps at the same time.
  4.     The camera quality Is good but it needs improvement in low-light shots.
  5.      Not suitable for music lovers, as this device lacks stereo speakers.

Comparison with previous oppo mobiles:

Oppo f21 pro plus and oppo f21 5g

Both smartphones have the same features except for their chipsets. oppo f21 pro is 4G only Qualcomm, while f21 5G has 5G, enabled Qualcomm. There is a price difference of approx 10,000.Memory and camera quality is same.but oppo f21 has microlens which enables to capture the tiniest images more clearly.

Oppo F21 Pro Plus and Reno 10 Pro Plus

Both smartphones have the same camera quality. The main difference is memory, f21 pro plus built-in 128GB 8GB RAM while Reno 10 pro plus has 256 GB 16GB RAM. Reno Pro Plus price is 134,999.


One of the famous newspaper in Pakistan THE Express Tribune published an article on f21 pro plus highlighting. its prominent exterior and specifications 

Pakistan observer has all  praises for oppo f21 pro distinctive camera result and attractive features

Is Oppo F9 Pro worth buying:

  • Well, the Oppo F21 Pro Plus is a very good-looking phone and its in-hand experience is superb.
  •  camera performance is great, its a best option for those who are enthusiastic photographers.
  •  RAM  is good for high-speed performance and it is extendable for unstoppable downloading.Heavy games may cause issues sometimes but mostly it has smooth gaming experience.
  •  we need not  to worry about water splashes as it is a waterproof smartphone. 
  • Battery life is quite impressive, having a talk time of 2.68 hours.
  •  Its beautiful and reliable steel case ensures its durability and also prevents it from overheating or slowing down.
  • It is pocket friendly.unlike other smart phones you need not to spend a bag full of money to buy it. 
  • Oppo f21 pro plus has all the specifications that any customer desires.

So it can be rightly  said that this smartphone fulfils all the standards of revolutionary smartphones and it’s worth buying.

 Oppo F21 Pro has many exclusive features. However, despite a few shortcomings, these limitations should not deter you from appreciating its attractive design and superb camera features. In fact, it is thoughtfully designed according to customers needs and demands. When you hold it in your hands, you’ll find it elegant, a true feast for the eyes, and surprisingly friendly on your wallet.


Is f21 pro waterproof?

Yes, its unique body gorilla glass cover makes it safe from harm by water.

How long does the battery stand?

Oppo f21 pro has a good battery..with a 4500mAH battery,it stands for 1.5 days on single charge.

Does the oppo f21 pro have expandable memory?

Yes, it has inbuilt 8GBRam and it can be extended up to 5GB.

Does the Oppo f21 pro camera have a slow motion feature?

Indeed, its main camera has a slow motion feature but the front camera does not support this feature.

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