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How to Gain Weight on Face in 7 Days Naturally 

how to gain weight on face in 7 days

Hydrated, moisturized, glowy and bouncy skin is the dream of every other girl you’ll meet. Not only girls but also men out there want to have good skin. Talking about people who have naturally really high metabolism and look thin, no matter how much they eat also called ectomorphs struggle to achieve chubby and fat face. The fun fact is that people who want to know how to gain weight on face in 7 days just have to follow the basic rules which everyone should follow to have good skin.

5 Ways to Gain Weight on Face 

1. Good Skincare 

If you are looking for answers for how to gain weight on face in 7 days then let me tell you, good skincare is a must to have good skin. To make your face look more chubby and healthy you can use the following natural remedies as a part of your skincare:

  • Apply Aloe Vera

According to research, aloe vera works great as a moisturizer. And most importantly, it has great antioxidants like vitamins C and E which help to make the face more uplifted and healthy.

  • Apply Shea Butter

Shea butter in itself has a lot of fatty content which functions as a great barrier and also plumps your skin. Buttermilk with honey is also a great remedy to go for when hunting for ways to know how to gain weight on face.

  • Glycerin

Glycerin with rose water combined makes a really good serum. These ingredients help reduce wrinkles and fine lines and also cleanse pores giving cheeks a fuller appearance.

Apart from these natural ingredients, there are many brands which make great products to make your face look more chubby. Also, wearing sunscreen is a must to achieve your desired skin.

Ways to Gain Weight on Face - Do good skincare

2. Healthy Food Intake

Skincare works only if your food intake is clean and healthy. When talking about the fact that how to gain face fat, you must make some changes in your diet. These changes should be in such a way that all nutrients are balanced and proportionate. 

If you want to gain weight on your face, you need to increase calories in your diet plan. But these calories should be from good fat sources. Like nuts which give you saturated fats like almonds, Cashews etc. Milk is great for gut health and contains a great amount of fatty acids as 100 grams of milk contains about 1 gram of fat hence, milk is a proven source to gain weight either on the face or elsewhere on the body.

Other sources like sugary drinks and food have more carbohydrates and are great for increasing face mass.

How to gain weight on face in 7 days naturally? Eat healthy food

3. Take Good Sleep

A good sleep cycle is a cure for many problems. Obesity, dark circles, migraine, and unexpected seizures in epilepsy are greatly caused by just the lack of sleep.

For good skin, you just need to stay hydrated and have your food on time. And then, you just need to sleep for at least 6-7 hours. Lack of sleep not only tires you physically but also mentally. So, if your brain is not in its proper state then how come you expect it to cooperate with you in your diet plans?

As far as I think, your only concern would not only be a fatty face but also a glowy face which can only be achieved if you have a good sleep cycle. 

4. Facial Exercises 

Diet is indeed a pivotal point to gain weight on your face. But along with a good diet and skincare, there are several facial exercises which help you to get a plumy and fluffy facial appearance. Try doing these exercises:

  1. Sit still, fill your cheeks with as much air as possible, then close your lips and stay like this in the position of a balloon for about 30 seconds. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times. 
  2. Lift the cheek muscles while smiling and lift them to the top of your cheeks. Stay in this position for at least 20 seconds. 
Facial Exercises 

5. Take Supplements 

Supplements should be taken when there is an urgent need to achieve some look but this “urgent” thing should be done under a certified medical person. Mostly natural supplements are recommended like protein supplements, creatine and fish oil which is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids. Along with them, certain weight-gaining supplements also help you to increase face mass. 

Take Supplements 


More than making your face look slim or fat, you should focus on the fact that how you can make it healthy looking. Just to get a fatty face you might go for certain foods which have a high quantity of fats and are not good for your health. Such food will consequently cause acne, bumps and marks on your face. The main point is you need to first know your skin type, and your body requirements to be able to get good and bouncy skin. We have answered your query on how to gain weight on face in 7 days naturally so try them and become a more beautiful version of yourself.

You need to avoid fast food when gaining weight.


  1. Can I eat fast food to gain weight in the face?

To gain healthy weight, you need to opt for healthy options instead of fast food and junk food.

  1. Why some people don’t gain weight no matter how much they try?

Firstly, this is a natural thing with people who are ectomorphs. Secondly, if they are trying to gain weight then they have to go for good ways which will work to gain weight.

  1. Is it right to sit on the couch all day and eat to gain weight on the face?

No, it can cause you several problems like heart disease, diabetes and many others. 

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