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A 7-Step Routine on How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally

How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally

Winters, ahhh! What a beautiful season to relax in your cosy blanket with a cup of coffee and a good novel to read. Everything is just perfect. But wait, OH NO! How can I forget to mention the dryness, frizziness, and brittleness of hair that comes with this, but don’t worry, I have a solution. 

According to many studies, it has been proven that the most amount of hair fall around the world occurs in the winter season. But why? It is because of the dry atmosphere and air all around in winter, which sucks all the moisture from the hair and scalp and makes it dry and full of dandruff. Due to this, not only women but also men struggle to search for the answer to the question: how to take care of hair in winter naturally?

You don’t need to worry about this because, in this article, your problem is finely resolved with a 7-step routine to make your hair look shiny, healthy, and dandruff-free throughout the year. So, keep reading till the end.

7-Steps to Take Care of Your Hair in Winter Naturally 

On average, 100 to 150 hairs are shed per day for every person. And, this shedding of hair increases as the winter arrives. Almost 99% of the world’s population faces the problem of hair fall and is struggling to know how to take care of hair in winter naturally. So, here are the best possible ways to take care of your hair naturally in winter easily:

1. Use Hair Nourishment Oils

In South Asian countries, it is so common to do hair oiling at least once a week, and that’s why South Asian beauties like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and many other countries have thick, long, and black hair. Argan oil is highly recommended for hair fall, as it prevents dandruff and breakage of hair and treats split ends. But castor oil and many other oils also work best for this purpose. 

Use Hair Nourishment Oils

2. Comb Daily and Carefully 

Combing should be one of the most essential parts of one’s daily routine. The problem with many people nowadays is that they either get so busy with their work or they just don’t want to move a single bit and don’t even try to comb their hair once in 3 to 4 days or even more. And then they question how to protect hair in winter season.

Now, think by yourself: if you treat your hair like this, would it cooperate with you and look nice when you want it to look shiny and all beautiful in any gathering? Obviously, No! You need to detangle your hair at least twice a day so that a lesser and lesser amount of hair fall occurs daily.

How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally

3. Avoid Heat Styling Tools

Heat styling tools like straighteners, curlers and many others remove all the moisture from the hair and cause hair to become brittle. To prevent and treat dry, frizzy hair in winter, you need to get rid of these tools or at least use them as much less as possible because winters already tend to make your hair dry, and these products make hair and scalp lose their remaining moisture. 

Avoid Heat Styling Tools

4. Avoid Frequent Hair Washes 

Washing your hair daily is a high risk to make your scalp and hair more prone to dryness. That’s because, after each hair wash, the scalp loses its released oils. This provokes higher chances of the development of dandruff and damaged hair.

5. Dry Hair Properly 

Every time you wash your hair, try to dry it first and with real care. Never leave your hair wet in winter, especially. If you leave your house with wet hair, the cold atmosphere and wet hair won’t sit together as cold air damages the hair shafts. Most importantly, not drying your hair in winter not only gives rise to hair fall problems but also many other health issues, so remember always “DRY YOUR HAIR PROPERLY!

 Dry Hair Properly 

6. Moisturize or Use a Good Hair Care Routine 

The problem with many people worldwide is that they focus on making their faces glowy and shiny. They make all efforts to make their faces or hands moisturised but rarely think about the fact that there is something that is on their head and wants their ultimate and equal attention.

So, now you must know that your hair needs a proper hair care routine to remain moisturised. You might be wondering how to moisturise your hair in winter season. No worries, I am here to tell you. You need a good and proper hair care routine, which should be within your budget. Following are a few essential products to keep your hair healthy and moisturised year-round. 

  1. A hair mask
  2. A good shampoo
  3. Detangler
  4. Hair conditioner 
  5. Heat protectant 

7. Shampoo Less

I have mentioned above that you need to wash your hair as much less as possible, especially in winter, because the more the washes, the more the hair becomes thin and dry. Many people, especially men, wash their hair daily, and when they get dandruff, they begin to think about how it happened. You need to learn that not using a lot of shampoo is one of the prime points while answering this query about how to take care of hair in winter naturally. 

And one important thing. When buying shampoo, we should make sure that it is alcohol or sulphate-free because such chemicals and many others like this are greatly harmful to hair growth.

How to Take Care of Hair in Winter Naturally


Hair is considered as half beauty for women and men both. So, don’t you ignore the other half of your beauty when searching for good beauty products for your face, hand or feet? Never underestimate this ongoing question in your mind: how to take care of hair in winter naturally? It is because winters deal with hair with real brutalness. So, you should also prepare yourself with all possible weapons to fight dandruff, scalp dryness and breakage of hair so that your hair looks lustrous and shiny throughout the year.


  1. Is it appropriate to use dry shampoo in winter?

Yes, absolutely. In fact, dry shampoo is the best alternative in winter to avoid frequent hair washes, yet it gives a pleasant smell and look to hair.

  1. Which oil is best for hair growth?

Jojoba is really good but may be expensive, so you can also go for castor, coconut, argon or other oils.

  1. Does keratin treatment damage hair?

It repairs and makes the hair look shiny and beautiful, but, on the other hand, it makes hair more prone to damage and breakage due to harsh chemicals used during this treatment. 

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