Huawei Given the Nod to Set Up 5G in Hungary

Huawei wins another contract to set up 5G network

Huawei refuses to cave down in the face of US pressure. Despite being on the Entity List, it continues to enjoy success. The company managed to sell 1 million units of the Mate 30 5G smartphone in just three hours of its launch. It is remarkable considering that the phone is without access to Google apps and services. The success comes as Apple continues to lose its market share in China.

Good fortune does not look to be ending anytime soon for Huawei. There are reports that Huawei may soon be given access to Google’s apps and services again. Although there is no official confirmation but officials at Huawei and Google are confident of reaching a deal with the US administration.

US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross says that licences which will enable US companies to do business with Huawei will begin arriving shortly. Although the exact date is not confirmed but the end of November or start of December is the most common answer among officials.

Huawei is Getting 5G Contracts Despite US Pressure

It appears that the smartphone market is not the only area where Huawei is enjoying success after success. The US is continuously persuading allies and other countries to ban Huawei from their 5G networks. It has threatened allies with ceasing of intelligence sharing. The US accuses Huawei of installing backdoors into its networks, allowing the Chinese authorities to snoop in and access all data.

It is a charge which is vehemently denied by Huawei and there is no evidence to support US claims. Despite the US pressure on allies and other countries, Huawei has won more than 60 5G contracts so far. Even Germany has refused to ban Huawei altogether from its 5G systems.

The latest country to allow Huawei to set up its 5G networks is Hungary. Huawei will work together with Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom to set up the 5G network in Hungary, according to an official statement. In February, US Secretary of State arrived in Budapest and cautioned allies against using Chinese equipment.

He made it clear that using Chinese technology will make it difficult for US to “partner alongside them (allies)”. Nevertheless, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has dismissed the threats and forged closer ties with China.


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