Huawei To Launch Its 5G Smartphones This Month

Last month, China has given a green signal to companies to initiate rolling out of the latest 5G services. Huawei, the telecom giant of China, is going to launch its 1st 5G smartphone during the month of August. It will help the company to stay ahead in the international race for introducing 5G.

All this comes in the middle of the rising tensions with the USA over trade and technology. It is expected that Huawei will release Huawei Mate 20 X, its first-ever 5G smartphone at Shenzhen, which is the headquarter of Huawei, said by anonymous Huawei officials. They will release this latest technology smartphone during August to lead the race.

Huawei’s decision to launch its 5G smartphone shows that the company is becoming the leader of 5G commercialization. The roll-out comes in despite of the trade tariffs imposed on China due to trade tensions between China and the USA. Also, US has banned American companies from doing business with Huawei without special approval.

According to analysts, China is going to offer a boost to the entire 5G industry. These 5G smartphones use Kirin, Huawei’s own chip-set. These chip-sets that will further boost its competitiveness in the foreign market.

Huawei To Launch Its 5G Smartphones This Month

The research director of Counterpoint, James Yan, says, “The launch of Huawei 5G smartphone, Huawei Mate 20 X, will boost China’s smartphone market as it is one of the biggest smartphone marketplaces. It will result in increasing the demand and customers for 5G technologies and boost up more opportunities for the application sides and supply chain.

Moreover, Huawei Mate 20 X would be the 1st smartphone released in China that is acquiring the 5G network license. It means that people living in China will become able to buy it soon for enjoying the fastest 5G speed and technology.

5G is a Must-Have Technology

5G is critical as it provides 100 times faster download speeds as compared to the prevailing 4G LTE networks. Also, 5G networking is vital for several latest applications, including driver-less vehicles. There are around 4,300 5G base-stations in the Beijing city alone.

Most base stations are in iconic buildings and urban core areas of the city. Huawei is now a central piece of the China-US struggle that started from trade. However, the trade war spilled into the technology sector as well.

US Ban on Huawei

USA President, Donald Trump, banned all Huawei products. Moreover, American companies are not allowed to do business with Huawei without special approval. The US claims that China can use Huawei to spy on foreign nations, a charge Huawei denies.

Moreover, the USA is also pressurizing its allies to ban Huawei from setting up their 5G networks. Some countries have yielded to USA’s demands, while others are refusing to do so. The UK remains undecided on the issue, despite reports that Huawei will be allowed to set up the 5G infrastructure.

China and Huawei interpret this ban as an attempt by the USA to prevent Chineses companies from getting advancing. Despite the ban, Huawei won numerous contracts across the world to set up 5G networks. Also, the company is now introducing its own operating system, which will be used in future Huawei smartphones.

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