A Closer Look at Learn Smart Pakistan: A Digital Learning Solution

Learn Smart Pakistan

Students and teachers: Do you want to eliminate endless and boring exam revision? Are you looking for something innovative and engaging to boost your learning process? Learn Smart Pakistan is a platform exceptionally dedicated to promoting education and skills with quality content and assessments. Let’s explore its main aspects.

What is Learn Smart Pakistan?

Learn Smart Pakistan is a highly reputable platform dedicated to advancing education by providing video lessons, learning games, and assessments to improve your knowledge and skills in Pakistan. Students and teachers from all over the country learn and grow together. By joining Learn Smart Pakistan, you will have the opportunity to unlock your true potential and begin a new journey towards personal and professional growth.

Learn Smart Pakistan was introduced in 2014. LSP supports 160,000 students from 7,700 schools in 400 cities of Pakistan.LSP attracts students of all age groups. The LSP classes are equipped with all necessary digital techniques like laptops, projectors, and clickers.

Teacher and student interaction in LSP.

How to Log In?

Any Pakistani student can access Learn Smart Pakistan(LSP) by visiting its site, making an account, and enrolling in any lesson plan they choose.

  • Go to www.
  • Click sign up and enter your email address
  • You can log in with your Google account and Facebook ID
  • Enter your password
  • The welcome message will appear; accept it
  • Your account has been created. Now log in and start working on the platform.

Availability of LSP (Learn Smart Pakistan)

Learn Smart Pakistan was introduced in 2014. LSP supports 160,000 students from 7,700 schools in 400 cities of Pakistan.LSP attracts students of all Age groups. You can learn on your laptop, desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet.LSP is available on all devices. LSP classes are equipped with all necessary digital techniques like laptops, projectors, and clickers.

Methods of Learning in Learn Smart Pakistan

Smart class teaching methods mean using technology and digital resources to enhance the teaching and learning experience in the classroom. Various tools and techniques are used to make education more interactive, engaging, and effective. Here are some intelligent class teaching methods of LSP:

  1. Interactive Whiteboards:

 Interactive whiteboards help teachers to display content on a large screen and share it with students. They can write, draw, and explain the content, making lessons more engaging and exciting.

  1. Use of Multimedia:

 Teachers can use multimedia, such as educational videos and animation, to explain complex concepts and make learning more visually exciting.

Methods of Learning in Learn Smart Pakistan.
  1. Learning through games

 Quizzes, educational games, multiple-choice questions, and rewards make learning fun and motivating for students.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

These technologies can boost learning experiences, allowing students to explore 3D and 5D visions of objects, which enable them to understand the concepts deeply.

  1. Online Assessments

 Using quizzes, puzzles, and surveys helps assess students’ performance quickly, and students get immediate feedback to learn from their mistakes. On completing each task, students get Honey Coins, which allow them access to more LSP features.

  1. E-books

 LSP focuses on replacing traditional textbooks with e-books because these E-books are more informative and current. 

  1. Online Discussion

 LSP Encourages students to participate in online discussions and create educational blogs to boost communication and critical analysis skills.

Online discussion going on in LSP.

Packages and Scholarships

Learn Smart Pakistan is available in both free and paid versions. You can enjoy free quizzes and games in the free version, but for the extended version, you need to subscribe, and subscription charges are as follows:

 1000s of                                Per Quarter  1200

  Videos                                   Per 2 Quarters 2200

  Games                                    per 3 Quarter 300

  Parent dashboard                  Per Year 3600



Learn Smart Pakistan offers many scholarships for students. Students earn honey coins after completing tasks. These honey coins are used for prizes and scholarships. They can exchange these coins for rewards. The most famous and popular bonus is the AFS scholarship.

Scholarships in Learn Smart Pakistan.

Benefits of Using LSP

  •  Helpful in Exam Preparation

Learn Smart Pakistan can be the most effective platform for exam preparation for students like you who wish to learn more and improve their performance. As we all know, board exams are very significant in our education system. You can improve your board exam preparations by solving assessments and quizzes on the LSP platform. You will deeply understand the core concepts, and the feedback, in the end, will help you learn from your mistakes.

  • Learn & Earn

LSP is making learning fun for students. You can have fun and earn! Now, you can participate in monthly challenges and compete with students from all over Pakistan. The new and challenging games are filled with thought-provoking questions, rewarding the participants with “Honey Coins” for every correct answer. Students can use these coins for exciting prizes, such as tablets or local and international scholarships!

  • Aligned with the National Curriculum

LSP is fully integrated with the national curriculum. All the material regarding your board exams is present here. You can find any content and can pass your exams with outstanding results.

  • Interactive Digital Content

Learn Smart Pakistan is making learning fun for students by providing an opportunity to boost your skills and concepts through interactive videos, practice exercises, and engaging games.


It’s a fact that Smart class teaching methods are about something other than replacing traditional teaching. Learn Smart Pakistan aims to revolutionize old techniques by introducing new technologies to make learning more exciting and engaging and to provide the best platform for students to enhance their abilities. Join hands with Lsp and be a part of this digital development in Pakistan.


  1.  As a Student, how can I join the competition?

If you are a Student in 9th Grade or 10th Grade and your favourite subjects are English and Mathematics, join the Learn Smart Pakistan challenge today. Enter a username and password to create an account. If you have a Facebook or Google Account, you can directly sign up by clicking “Signup with Facebook” or “Signup with Google.”

  1. Can I join with my mobile phone?

Yes, Learn Smart Pakistan is available on digital devices.

  1. Is there any age limit to join LSP?

          LSP has an attraction for children of all ages.

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