Blooket vs. Gimkit: Which one is better?

Are you fed up with old learning methods and want to revolutionize your learning? Let’s step into the era of Blooket and Gimkit, the ultimate learning platforms where education meets with entertainment. We will compare these two popular learning apps to uncover which suits your teaching experience.

In this article we will cover following points.

What is Blooket?

 Blooket is a famous educational platform designed to make study interactive and offers a variety of interesting games and activities to make the learning process more engaging and is specially designed for teachers and students to learn through quizzes, flashcards, and other educational games.

How it works:

Blooket is a learning platform  where teachers host games through unique question sets and unique games, and students answer on their devices. Here’s how it works

Log in:

First, open the Blooket website and log in with your Google account. Facebook or other email. After logging in, you will need questions set to host.

Creating games:

After signing up, teachers can create many educational games, such as quizzes, flashcards, and word searches. They can either make their questions or take them from the website.

Assigning games:

Teachers host the games and assign games to students. Students can get access to them via a code provided by the teacher.

Playing games:

Students play games, answer questions, solve puzzles, and complete tasks. They earn points and rewards as they progress.


      Blooket encourages healthy competition, where students compete against each other as a team. This aspect makes the learning process more interesting.

Collecting Blooks:

    Blooks are little square creatures you see on the website. When students give the right answers, they get points that allow them to buy and sell blooks.


        Teachers instantly monitor the tasks done by students, and teachers can access students’ performance and identify areas where they may need improvement.


Students get instant feedback from Blooket, which enables them to understand their strengths and shortcomings.


    Teachers can share games. This collaboration improves the quality of content.

What is Gimkit?

    Gimkit is also an educational platform like Blooket. Its main focus is to make the learning process engaging and interactive. Gimkit aims to involve students in healthy learning activities to boost their success.

Let’s discover how it works:

Gimkit log in:

      Open the Gimkit website and log in with your email address or Facebook ID

Game creation:

       After signing up, teachers or students can create games on Gimkit. Question sets can be created or taken from the website. These games are usually questions and answers based on the subject.


   Gimkit has a unique feature called Power-Ups. Students can use in-game currency to buy power-ups to help them change game dynamics.

Earning and losing points:

    Students earn points by giving the right answers and can lose points if the answer is correct. These points will be used as in-game currency to purchase Power-Ups. The risk of losing points and Power Ups indulges students in a healthy competition.

Continuous play:

    Unlike other learning apps where the game ends after a set number of questions, Gimkit allows students and teachers to play continuously. They have a choice either to play a single round or multiple rounds.


      The teacher can access their students instantly and make reports according to their performance in games.


Students get quick feedback, which is helpful for them to know about their performance, and they learn from their mistakes.

Comparison between Blooket and Gimkit:

Though Blooket and Gimkit are educational platforms that give the perfect blend of fun and learning, they have some key differences.

Let’s have a look.

Gameplay style:

 Blooket: Blooket offers a variety of game modes like Hunger Games, Tower Defense, and Classic. Students answer questions and earn points and power-ups.

Gimkit: Its focus is on learning by repetitive process. Gimkit is a continuous game; teachers and students can play single or multiple rounds and earn points. They use this in-game money to upgrade.

Questions type:

Blooket: Blooket offers many choices like true/false, short answers, flashcards, and multiple choice questions.

Gimkit: Gimkit mainly uses multiple choice questions but offers many features and a variety of power-ups to engage students


Blooket: In Blooket, it is easy for teachers to create games with different themes, questions, and power-ups

Gimkit: In Gimkit, teachers can customize the games, but the process is quite complex.


Blooket: Blooket has both paid and free versions. Subscribers can get additional features.

Gimkit: Gimkit has a free version and a paid subscription mode, which unlocks the advanced features.

Social features:

Blooket: It has a Blooket live mode for playing multiplayer games live, and students can join by using their given code.

Gimkit also supports multiplayer modes, but it’s not as easy as on Blooket. Teachers and students need a high level of coordination.

 Reports and analysis

   Both platforms provide reports and feedback to students so they can easily understand their weaknesses. Both keep track of student’s performance.

Which is better? Blooket or Gimkit:

      The choice between Blooket and Gimkit depends upon your particular needs and preferences. Both these platforms are meant for educational purposes. They have changed the old concept of education by blending education with fun.

Their mission is to provide a more interactive and engaging environment to enhance the learning capabilities of students.

To determine which is better:

  1. Focus on the factors like your teaching style.
  2. Age of your students and your budget. You may try both.
  3. Use Blooket to enhance the learning experience in gamified mode.
  4. Use Gimkit to create a competitive and engaging environment in class.

Pros and Cons Of  Blooket and Gimkit:

     Though Blooket and Gimkit are the best platforms for online learning yet have some pros and cons.


  • It’s easy for students to learn even from home.During pandemic time they play a vital role in the educational process.
  • Old methods of education are quite boring,causing frustration in students as well as teachers.Learning  process on Blooket and Gimkit is very interesting and engaging.
  • There are a variety of games and quizzes available which boost up the mental capabilities of students.
  • Healthy environment of competition is developed among students.


  • Excessive use of these games increases isolation and loneliness.
  • Students direct communication with teachers and fellows reduces thus creating a huge social and communication gap.
  • Students are getting used to devices and lacking interest in books.
  • No social life can lead towards anxiety and depression.

Other similar platforms:   

   There are many alternatives to Blooket and Gimkit. Here, we discuss some of those.


       Kahoot is also a famous platform for creating and playing quizzes and games in the classroom.

Quizlet live:

Students can gain knowledge by solving multiple quizzes related to their subjects in Quizlet Live.


It is an online learning platform where teachers can create a variety of quizzes and play with their students.


It offers interesting quiz games and surveys that boost students’ learning abilities.


Quizlet is a platform very similar to Kahoot. Flashcards and quizzes are created for learning and review.

          Blooket and Gimkit are great options for fun and engaging learning methods. They have changed the concept of learning.But excessive use of everything is not safe. You might try both, never leave direct communication with your students and make an educated choice according to your preferences, and engage your students like never before.


Are Blooket and Gimkit free?

Both are available in free and paid versions.

What are paid versions of Blooket and Gimkit?

Gimkit Pro monthly billed 14.99$ and Blooket Plus billed 2.99$ monthly

Are Blooket and Gimkit safe?

Yes, these platforms are safe to use.

What is the player limit in Blooket and Gimkit?

In the Blooket free version, 60 players are allowed, while in the Gimkit free version, there’s a limit of 5 students per game.

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