Mehwish Hayat Inspires During Oslo Award Ceremony

Famous TV and film actress Mehwish Hayat has recently projected the real image of Pakistan by elaborating the message of harmony and peace. Mehwish Hayat did this while attending an award ceremony held in Oslo, Norway. In this ceremony, Erna Solberg, the Prime Minister of Norway, gave her the Pride of Performance Award for her performances. She is an emerging film and TV star who joined the industry in recent years.

While addressing the event, she stated that Bollywood and Hollywood need to use cinema for motivating and promoting mutual understanding through showcasing the real image of Pakistan rather than vilifying the country as they as doing in their film industries. 

She highlighted bravely how Hollywood and Bollywood are destroying and tarnishing the image of our country Pakistan globally, by using their vilified stereotyping and portrayal of the countrymen. She also raised the voice of Kashmiris at this international forum by throwing light on the atrocities these Kashmiris are confronting from many decades. It was also adamant by the actress that India should decide if they want peace or nationalistic fervour.

Dangerous Stereotypes

During her speech, she also mentioned some movies and shows which are perpetuating dangerous stereotypes. Some of these shows are The Brink, Zero Dark Thirty, and Homeland. She further added that our neighboring nation, India, owns the biggest film industry in the world.

And in the time era where they can utilize this power for doing something productive by bringing us together, what are they doing instead? They produced many movies portraying Pakistan as a villain. She further said that she couldn’t even remember the exact count of film they made last year in which Pakistan was shown under a bad light.

She also remarked that she is aware of the fact that due to politics, upbringing, and history of the region, it could be difficult for us to remain neutral and could be taken as unpatriotic. They should decide what is more critical for them and their generations, a peaceful future or nationalistic fervor.

She said, as our Prime Minister said that if India is willing to take one step towards solving the matters, then Pakistan is ready to take ten more steps for bringing peace. She also wished that common sense prevails, and it makes us capable of witnessing the peace and harmony in the area.

Mehwish Hayat also addressed the Pakistani film industry to not just make movies for Pakistan, but it’s the need of the hour to make films about Pakistan. All this is important to counter the negative image of the country shown by other industries of the world.

Mehwish Hayat Gains New Followers

Mehwish Hayat has received lots of appreciation and love for raising voice for humanity and positively using the forum for discussing the critical issues. We are very happy and proud of Mehwish Hayat for receiving another award on the international forum for her achievements. It is hoped that this girl will make a more precise image of Pakistan and make this country proud of her.

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