WhatsApp to Launch Instagram’s Boomerang Feature

WhatsApp to launch the boomerang feature of Instagram

The social messaging application WhatsApp is preparing to start a new exciting feature Boomerang. The Facebook-owned messaging giant keeps introducing innovative feature regularly. This time, it is a video looping Boomerang, inspired by Instagram, also owned by the Facebook.

In 2015, Instagram introduced Boomerang feature as a separate application, but soon they merged it with the app. Boomerang feature allows the user to make loop videos of seven seconds duration. The company introduced it as a competition to the viral feature Vine from Twitter.

The Twitter video option also offered a six-second loop video feature to its users.  Now, the Instagram app has built-in video looping option for the stories. Users are already excited about the new feature, something they feel should be released earlier.

IOS Users

The new feature will first be launched for iOS users, and later it will be available for android users. The WhatsApp users will be able to create seven-second looped videos and share them with their WhatsApp contacts. These Boomerang videos will be sharable on the WhatsApp status story as well. The users can choose if they want to send their videos in the form of GIF or as it is.

The Whatsapp users could access this Boomerang feature from the video type panel. The people who use WhatsApp can already convert their videos into GIFs, but this feature is still an innovation. To create a Boomerang video, the WhatsApp users need to open the WhatsApp camera.

This camera is located on the home screen of your mobile phone in the left corner. Click or touch this camera and start recording the video. You may choose your video to be either seven seconds or lesser long. Select the boomerang option which you can find on the top right corner of your cell phone.

Specialty of the Boomerang Videos

The specialty of the Boomerang videos is that they are much more interesting than the regular loop videos. The short video first plays straight away from the beginning to the end, and then it starts playing backwards from the end.

This innovation, though inspiring, was expected because Facebook has already been trying to incorporate different features of its social apps e.g., Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger in each of them. Story option on Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facebook is an example.

This Boomerang feature is likely to increase the number of customers of already dominating messaging company. The reason for the popularity of this messaging app mostly depends on the innovative features the company keeps rolling out regularly. The most recent was the fingerprint lock system for android smartphone users.

Moreover, there is news Facebook is currently developing Universal Windows Platform UWP application for the WhatsApp Users. The user who is already on WhatsApp would be able to use one WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

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