What is the Most Consumed Dry Fruit in Pakistan, Prices, and Where Can You Find It

most consumed dry fruit in pakistan

Winters have an aroma in themselves, and thus aroma is enhanced when the aroma of dry fruits is added to them. Dry fruits are healthy and nutritious snacks to munch on at any time of the day without the worry that “IF I’LL EAT MORE, I’LL GAIN WEIGHT.” Dry fruits in Pakistan are consumed in bulk quarterly per year, especially during winter. They are eaten that much during winter as they can keep you warm and strengthen your immunity against many diseases as dry fruits are an essential source of proteins, vitamins, and dietary fibers.

Most Consumed Dry Fruit in Pakistan

Most Consumed Dry Fruit in Pakistan 

The most consumed dry fruit in Pakistan is Almond (بادام). They are eaten all over Pakistan because of their nutritious properties and unique taste. They are grown in Zhob, Loralai, Kalat, and other parts of Pakistan. A healthy amount of daily dry fruit consumption includes about 12 almonds, 24 pistachios, and 7 walnuts. There may also be other dry fruits, and these are just approximate values.

Benefits of Consuming Almonds 

  1. Boosts immunity.
  2. Helps to lose weight. 
  3. Fight against constipation. 
  4. Have a long shelf-life.
  5. High in vitamin E.
  6. Provides antioxidants. 
  7. Controls blood sugar levels.
  8. Lowers cholesterol level.

Prices of Almonds 

The most consumed dry fruit of Pakistan, Almonds, have different price ranges in Pakistan as they vary from region to region. Hard-shell almonds are much cheaper than soft-shelled ones. Hard-shelled ones cost around 600 PKR to 900 PKR, while soft-shelled ones cost from 1000 PKR to 4000 PKR. These rates are according to per kilogram quantity. 


Other Most Consumed Dry Fruits in Pakistan 

Pakistan produces a large amount of dry fruits every year, and these are exported all around the world. Dry fruits exported from Pakistan include almonds, dried apricots, pine nuts, and walnuts. They are exported to countries like China, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom. Other dry fruits which are consumed in Pakistan on a wide range are:

  1. Raisins
  2. Peanuts
  3. Walnuts
  4. Figs
  5. Dry dates
  6. Cashew nuts
Most Consumed Dry Fruits in Pakistan 

1. Raisins (کشمش)

Raisins are dried grapes and are sweet in taste. They are beneficial in controlling high blood pressure, helping the cardiovascular system work properly, and promoting gut health. The price ranges from 400 PKR to 1200 PKR, depending on quality. 

2. Peanuts (مونگ پھلی)

Roasted and salted Peanuts are the third most consumed dry fruit in Pakistan and are great to go with in winter as they are really helpful in weight loss and reduce inflammation. Price ranges for peanuts in Pakistan per kilogram vary as they are also one of the most consumed dry fruits in Pakistan, so they are mostly shelled, and cost around 450 PKR to 550 PKR per kg. Roasted raw peanuts cost from 500 PKR to 600 PKR.


3. Walnuts (اخروٹ)

Walnuts are a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. They also help in weight management and are considered the best nut for brain health. Price ranges from 1000 PKR to 1500 PKR per kilogram, but I will again say these prices vary.

Assorted dry fruits

4. Figs (انجیر)

Figs aid in digestion, cure reproductive problems, and may also support strong joints. Price ranges from 1500 PKR to 3000 PKR per kilogram, but these prices fluctuate. 


5. Dry dates (چھوارے)

As it is Sunnah to eat dates in Islam. And dates contain a really sweet and delightful taste in them, that they are taken as an alternative to unhealthy sweets. Dry dates are high in fiber, anti-diabetic, and a great dry fruit to add to desserts. Dry dates typically range from about 975 PKR per kilogram.

Dry dates

6. Cashew Nuts (کاجو)

Cashews are great for promoting blood sugar control and nourishing hair. It is considered one of the most consumed dry fruits in Pakistan. Price ranges from 1500 PKR and even exceeds 2500 PKR per kilogram based on the quality. 

Cashew Nuts

Online Stores and Best Markets to Buy Dry Fruits

Dry fruits in Pakistan are available online in a variety of online stores:

  1. MAK foods Pakistan
  2. Khan dry fruits 
  3. Shoppingum
  4. Grocer app

Best Dry Fruit Markets:

  1. Choudary Salamatullah sons
  2. Chaman dry fruits
  3. Noorani dry fruit and general marchant 


In Pakistan, Gilgit Baltistan is famous for dry fruits. However, they also grow in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. The Middle East and Europe are the largest consumers of dry fruits worldwide. It is indeed a fact that dry fruits are a great source of nutrients and provide many health benefits. But if consumed in large quantities, they can cause increasing health issues, resulting in disturbed health cycles and skin problems like pimples. Some of the most consumed dry fruits in Pakistan are Almonds, raisins, cashews, figs, dates, etc.


  1. What is the difference between dried fruits and dry fruits?

Dry fruits are naturally grown like almonds or Cashews, while dried fruits are synthetically dried or regular fruits with no water content like dried apricots etc.

  1. Why dry fruits are good for girls?

They keep the skin wrinkle-free, boost female fertility, and prevent breast cancer.

  1. Should we drink water after eating dry fruits?

If you eat dry fruits then you should definitely consume plenty of water with it to prevent dehydration. 

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