9 Must-Read Trading Books for Beginners

trading books for beginners

Trading can’t make you rich overnight, but it is the best business in the long term. The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades; money is secondary. Trading can be a game changer for you, but firstly, you should learn the rules and disciplines of trading.

One is born a great trader; one knows by trading. Several trading books for beginners will help you gain expertise in trading and earn money without the risk of losing.

Eight Rules of Trading

  1. Make peace with your losses, never lose hope
  2. Do not bother what other people think of your business
  3. Do not compare your trading with others
  4. The only person in charge of your success is you
  5. Stop thinking so much; trading is a name for taking risks
  6. Learn about trading plans and styles
  7. Begin trading on the practice account
  8. Get into trading by opening your live account

Let’s explore with us the best trading books for beginners.

List of Best Trading Books for Beginners

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1. How to Day Trade for a Living

Author: Andrew Aziz

Published on: 2016

Ratings: 4.65

This is one of the best stock trading books for beginners.This book is a complete guide of tools and softwares for trading.The author discusses briefly the classic strategies and patterns for a successful trading.

  •  In this book; you will learn the fundamentals of trading and strategies.
  •  It will give you an understanding of where to start, how to begin, and what you will get from trading.
  •  It is a short book to keep you engaged without getting bored.

Where to buy: buy online at 

Price: 25 to 30$

You can read this book on Kindle if you have a Kindle membership

Free pdf download, 

2. Day Trading Quick Start Guide

Author: Troy Noonan

Published on: 2020


If you are serious about getting financial freedom through trading, then the Day Trading Quick Start Guide! Day is the best trading book for beginners..Author Troy Noonan is a professional full-time trader and day trading coach with over 25 years of experience. The main theme of this book is the knowledge of Low-cost trading platforms, the ability to trade from anywhere at any time, and the comprehensive education about online trading.

  •  This book makes you understand the tactics and skills to find real success in trading.
  •  You will learn how to keep risk factors to a minimum. 
  •  You can increase your current income, or choose day trade as a business.

Where to buy online: 

Price: 30 -36$

 Free pdf download: 

You can also read it on Kindle.


trading bundle book

Author: Danilo schiavone

Published on: 2019

Ratings: 4.5

TRADING is the complete stock trading book for beginners.It is a collection of three manuscripts for  those starting out in this world.Danilo Schiavone is extremely clear in his views and makes the subject understandable even for system,technical analysis and online trading are key points of this book.

  •  It guides about investing in the stock market and online trading platforms.
  • You will learn about trading shares, bonds, currencies, options and other financial products.
  • You will understand the concept of money and risk management.

Free pdf download: 

Where to buy: 

Price: 20 -24$

4. Options Trading for Beginners

Author: David Mathews

Published on: 2021

Ratings: 4.4

Online trading is a viral and effective tool for earning money. Forex trading and bitcoins are ruling the digital world these days. In this guide, you will find a complete and appropriate approach to the basics of the markets.The author narrates a method to study trading and make it a fundamental  part  to protect your capital.

Online trading is not magic, that will make you rich in a few weeks or even days.This  book tells you about the tools to invest your capital in a secure way. 

  • In this best book for online trading, you will learn new possibilities and approaches to the stock market
  • You will come to know how to trade with low capital and reduce the risk of losing money. 
  • You will get the basic knowledge of Forex trading.

Price: 12 -14$

Where to buy: you can buy it online at

You may also read it on Kindle

Free pdf download: You can read it online free 

5. Day Trading for beginners

day trading book to read

Author: Bill Sykes

Published on: 2019

Ratings: 4.3

3 Books in 1 Box: best books for learning to trade, either day trading or online.This book is a comprehensive guide where you can find Out how You Can trade for a living by using unique trading psychology techniques, expert tools and Winning Strategies.

  • . Get your Day Trading book collection now and improve and master your Day Trading skills.
  •  Learn the best ways to invest less and reap big rewards
  • You will understand how to change the perception of online trading by learning new techniques.

You may read it on Kindle

Free pdf download:

Where to buy: visit 

Price: 29-31$

6. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners

trading in bitcoin

Author: Warren Ray Benjamin

Published on: 2021

Rating: 4.3

Would you like to trade in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?Bitcoin is currently getting increased with remarkable value,it has gone from 0 to higher than $6,000 in only a few years.This book will help you to  explore everything you need to know about cryptocurrencies—what they are, how they work, and possible  ways you can earn money.This manual will guide you to purchase Bitcoins. The author narrates difference between trading on classic markets and in cryptocurrencies.

  •  You will learn risk management bases and technical analysis
  • Learn about top 21 cryptocurrency around the world 
  • In this book, you will learn all the techniques and strategies to trade online in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading for Beginners.

Free pdf download: 

Where to buy: visit 


You may read it on Kindle

7.Options trading crash course:

option trading book for beginners

Author: Simon Bord

Published on: 2021

Rating: 4.3

Do you want to make some additional income, and you’re thinking of getting into trading, but you’re worried about losing money. Read this complete crash course on trading, make the best use of your capital, and earn a handsome income.

This Book will guide beginners to understand advanced strategies on how to create an additional income stream and improve your life through options trading!

  • You will get the right set of tips and information for trading.
  • You will come to know about technical  strategies for financial freedom.
  • You will learn to get more by investing less.

Where to buy: 

Price:4-5 $

You may read it on Kindle

Free pdf download: 

8. Forex Trading

Forex trading by Jim brown

Author: Jim Brown

Published on: 2015

Rating: 4.4

If you want to learn about Forex trading, this is the best trading book for beginners. This book is a bestseller on Amazon..This book is for those of you who are just starting to consider trading Forex but don’t know where to start.It is a good first book to read, to gain an understanding of the very basics.

  •  Learn all the skills and tactics to invest less capital and profit from Forex trading.
  • You will get the knowledge of all currencies’ exchange rates on stock trade.
  • You will be able to read about the author’s own strategies as a forex trader.

Free pdf download: 

Where to buy: 

Price: 24-26$

You may read it on Kindle

9. Swing Trading for Beginners

Author: Alpha Bull Traders

Published on: 2019


This book is best for learning trading online with simple and easy steps.New trading rules come with the new economy.This book is  a complete guide to enhance your trading skills.Swing trading requires less start-up capital than day trading.And unlike day trading, swing trading continues for few days or a week – which gives you much time to minimize your errors.Making it far more beginner friendly, with an easier learning curve.It’s also ideal if you have a family, or want to start in your spare time

  • You will be able  to earn income without the risk of losing.
  • It is a beginner friendly book and you can learn swing trading easily.
  • Swing trading is less complicated and you can opt for it in your spare time.

Where to buy: visit


You may read it on Kindle

Free pdf download:


Do you ever imagine jumping from a plane without a parachute? It’s a big NO. The same is the case with trading.Trading without knowledge is quite risky.No one wants to lose money. It would help if you didn’t start trading without getting expertise.

Though there many ways to learn trading online but nothing can beat the value of good books to enhance learning capabilities. Choose the best books for learning trading and boosting your trading experience. Earn a handsome amount without the risk of losing money. Be a good trader and enjoy the perks.


Is online trading genuine or a scam?

Though some fake online trading platforms exist, you can search wisely and find real-reading  apps like forex trading and octal trading.

Can I learn trading skills online?

Almost all the trading books of well-known authors are available online in PDF.

Are the trading books available in bookstores in Pakistan?

Yes, all the leading bookstores have trading books. You can even buy first-hand copies of original texts at a much more reasonable price.

What is a risk factor in trading?

Risk factor is always there when you start trading.Trading is unpredictable but with knowledge and tactics you can reduce the risk factor.

Is investing in the stock market a good idea?

Yes stock trade is a good idea but you must keenly observe the market rates and consult financial advisors before investing.

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