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Netflix And Chill Is Not For Married Couples

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Netflix is a popular streaming service with tons of content. Friends and families remain glued to their seats while watching their favourite TV shows and movies. However, you might be surprised that Netflix and similar streaming services are causing rift among married couples. The recent study will likely cause heartbreak among families.

A research by Rational Economics Ltd and Lancaster University of Warwick on streaming services is making headlines. It suggests that services like Netflix must take into account different factors when offering services. According to the researcher, Helen Bruce, companies must think about the ways through which they can communicate and coordinate with families through their TV subscription.

For instance, there is possibility of using advanced technologies like Alexa for finding out the areas that are reducing value and intervening. For example, detecting when one individual is continually talking during a show and then pausing the content. Therefore, no scenes will be missed.

Netflix Agreement

Recently, a binge-watching contract was launched by Netflix for families and couples for regulating their way of watching TV programs together. Netflix has set 5 basic rules in this agreement that must be signed by the binge-watch partners.

The first rule is that “I will not sleep during the show”. The second rule is that “I will not make use of mobile as it will cause another partner to rewind the show as I might miss something”. The third rule is that “I will not start the show unless the other person is there”. The fourth is “I will not talk or discuss anything when the show is on”. The final rule is “I will not share it with any other individual”.

Bruce also explained that from their research, they discovered that families are giving more preference to watch TV shows together. However, it is destroying families, something which many people are unaware of.

Netflix And Chill Is Not For Married Couples

How Is Netflix Destroying Married Couples?

The research notes that a family is likely to be disrupted when they are unable to enjoy their favourite show or movie. For example, if one person is talking too loudly, the other partner will be unable to listen carefully. It can cause resentment to build up among families and married couples.

Likewise, passing negative remarks on your partner’s choice of shows or movies is another thing which disrupts family life. Bruce finally concludes in the research that streaming services should tackle these common challenges. It is their duty to ensure that they are not disrupting the lives of their customers.


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