Married Couple Arrested For Rape of 45 girls

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Rape is an absolutely abominable crime. In many countries, rape is punishable by death. Despite the existence of so many laws, the world is witnessing an increase in the number of the rape cases. Unfortunately, married couples are now taking part in rape as well. Pakistan is no exception.

Moreover, despite claiming to give respect to our ‘aurat’ something which the Western world has failed to do so according to the so-called Islamic country, rape cases continue to rise. Every other day we see terrible and heart-breaking news in Pakistan related to rape.

These are cases which are reported. Unfortunately, there are so many cases which are not reported because women choose to remain silent and not speak up due to societal pressure and feeling of bringing shame upon the family.

Their silence causes them to live in depression; agony and sorrow while some women choose to commit suicide rather than to speak up and seek justice. This has become a serious issue now and something must be done to end it.

A History of Rape & Abuse

We have seen so many heart wrenching cases in Pakistan over the years. One of them being the biggest scandal in the history of Pakistan emerged in 2015 from Kasur District of Punjab. About 280 to 300 victims most of them who were less than 14 years of age and most boys were raped and filmed. Another case was of little angel Zainab Ansari who was only 6 years old when she was raped and then brutally murdered.

It caused nationwide protests and outrage and demand of public hanging of the rapist to make an example out of him and to prevent further incidents of the same category from happening. Yet here we are again unfortunately with another rape case and our heads hanging down. Our hearts are filled with sadness and despair and hoping beyond hopes to see such cases never repeat again.

A New Case Comes To Light

This time the case is even more shocking and new of its kind! Police have arrested a married couple for rape! Yes, that’s right! A married couple from Rawalpindi has been arrested on a charge of raping a girl.

Police Arrested a married couple for raping 45 girls

This is the barbaric couple who don’t even deserve to be called humans and deserve to die a heinous death. The married couple has been identified as Jahangir and Kiran Mehmood. According to the victim who is a student was abducted by the women outside Gordon College. The woman pretended to be a student of the same institution and convinced the victim to go with her as she would give her a ride home and said her brother was coming to pick her up.

There was nothing to worry about and further said she was travelling in the same direction and would drop her on the way. After a few minutes of waiting, the car arrived and the women forced the victim to sit in the car. And held a knife on her throat to keep her mouth shut and not make a noise. They took the victim to a house and the husband raped her. And the wife Kiran videotaped the victim and took photos of her. Together, the married couple were partners in the rape.

Later she was dropped off at a location with a warning to remain silent or else her video would be leaked. The victim contacted the police and later they were arrested. It does not end here!

Police Uncover Further Evidence From the Married Couple

This barbaric couple confessed to raping 45 other innocent girls and videotaping them and selling it to porn websites. The police also recovered photos and videos from them of other victims. This is beyond imaginable as to how low they went for the money. They not only destroyed the lives of those helpless 45 girls but also their families. This is so heart wrenching and beyond imaginable.

The married couple has been charged for rape and other crimes. This couple should be punished in the worst way possible. And a strong message should be sent to prevent such incidents from ever happening again. Married life is considered a blessing. However, this and other recent events indicate otherwise.

Rao Osama Liaqat
Rao Liaqat

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