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Top 10 Places to Visit in Lahore as a Tourist

places to visit in lahore

Lahore is a city of wonders, a mesmerizing blend of traditional and modern elements. This city hosts most of the tourists in Pakistan. It is the cultural and historical city of Punjab, also known as the city of Mughals.

Suppose you visit Lahore and explore the city quickly. Lahore has many places worth seeing, from the beautiful Shalimar Gardens to its outstanding Minar-e-Pakistan monument. Here’s a list of 10 places you must visit in Lahore if you need more time.

Lahore is a big city with many worthwhile places for convenience, so we categorized it into three parts.

  • Historical places
  • Fun and shopping places
  • Food places

Historical places

1-Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort

Badshahi Mosque and Lahore Fort are the most prominent historical places to watch in Lahore. Lahore Fort is adjacent to Badshahi mosque, so you can visit both places simultaneously and save time. These two magnificent buildings will remind you of the glorious past of Muslims on the sub-continent. Gone is the glory, but the remains are present. Badshahi mosque and Lahore fort are the best places to visit in Lahore.

Badshahi mosque is considered one of the world’s most impressive mosques, with three domed ceilings and its enormous minars, gold plated, reaching high up in the sky.

Tourists from all around the world love to visit this mosque. There is a portion of the mosque where you can see some of the holy belongings of our holy prophet and his companions.

The Quran, written with gold and silver, is also present in Badshahi mosque. you will indeed feel your heart skip a beat after visiting this place

Lahore Fort has splendid architecture and beautiful is marked as one of the top places to visit in Lahore. This fort attracts many tourists. You will also find the sheesh mahal in the defense, whose walls are covered with tiny glass. Roam in the balconies and enjoy the excellent view of Lahore city. You must visit this beautiful fort and remember the love story of Anarkali and Prince Saleem that bloom in this fort. There is also a museum in the fort where you can see weapons and other warrior costumes of the Mughal is also claimed that the prisoner cell in Lahore fort is haunted. Though the tourists are not allowed to visit the prisoner cell in the basement, the sight of that place is terrifying.

2-Shalimar Garden

Shalimar garden - places to visit in lahore

The Shalimar Gardens were built during the Mughal Empire and are located on the bank of River Ravi. The gardens were once a playground for the royal family and their guests. It is one of the best places to visit in Lahore.

Plan to visit Shalimar Gardens and enjoy the evening in lush green lawns. Its beauty will mesmerize you, and you will imagine yourself as royalty.

3Kamran ki Baradari

Kamran, the son of Mughal emperor Babar, built this beautiful 12-door building at the bank of river Ravi. This baradari served as a summer pavilion for Mughal kings and princes. They loved to spend their leisure time here enjoying the river bank. It is supposed that royal dinners and events took place at Baradari.

Over time, the river changed its path, and nowadays, baradari stands in the water like an island. Beautiful lush green lawns with beautiful flowers, in the middle and river on all sides will give you a very soothing effect and makes it the best tourist place to visit in Lahore.

4-The greater Allama Iqbal Park

places to visit in lahore - Minar e Pakistan

Raise your flag high and spirits higher. Minar-e-Pakistan is located in Great Allama Iqbal Park. It’s the second tallest minaret worldwide.

It’s a significant landmark of Pakistan and reminds us of the struggle of Muslims for a separate homeland. It is made of white marble, and you must take almost 100 stairs to reach the top floor of Minar-e-Pakistan. Lift service is also available if you want to avoid taking stairs. You can have a breathtaking view of Lahore by standing on the top floor of Minar e Pakistan. Another worthwhile activity in this park is the beautiful fountain show. The dancing water with lights will spellbind you. Indeed the best place to visit in Lahore

It is also located near Badshahi mosque, so you can visit the three best places simultaneously.

Fun and Shopping Places

5-Emporium Mall

Enough of visiting places and monuments; now you need some shopping. Lahore is the shopping hub of Pakistan. If you are a shopaholic and want to explore all brands under one roof, then Emporium Mall in Johar town Lahore is a is Lahore’s biggest mall. You can find every brand of clothes, shoes, cosmetics, and watches here. There is a fantastic food court in Emporium Mall where you find 100+ food items, from fast food to desi thalli. Kids play area is heaven for kids with many swings and video games. Fun Factory Park in Emporium Mall is Pakistan’s largest indoor theme park, with nonstop fun for you and your family.

Emporium Mall is among the top places to visit in Lahore for fun.

6-We jump Lake City Lahore

Lack city mall places to visit in lahore

If you visit with family, We Jump is Lahore’s favorite entertainment amusement and theme park center. We jump; it is a fun paradise. It offers adventure and thrill, fun & entertainment! It is Pakistan’s biggest trampoline park. Stepping into this wondrous world of We Jump, you will experience adventurous and thrilling activities to collect unforgettable memories for a lifetime..In this park, you can enjoy an unlimited collection of Arcade and games, We Jump Bouncing Arena, glow party, and arrange your birthday here to celebrate your special moments with fun and happiness.

Some Games and Adventure activities that you can enjoy after entering this mysterious land are listed here;

  • Thrilling jumping experience
  • Skyslam, VR Cricket field
  • Basso Balls
  • Crazy Hoop
  • Moto Gp
  • Crazy Speed
  • Monkey Shake Down
  • Drop Zone
  • Dodgeball
  • Bumping car
  • Arcade zone
  • VR games and much more.

7-Anarkali Bazar Lahore

Anarkali bazar lahore count in places to visit in lahore

Another tremendous place for shopping in Lahore is Anarkali is one of the oldest and historical markets in Lahore. Though this market is very mushy and conjured, you get less variety than in Anarkali bazaar in any other shopping center. You will love to buy beautiful fancy dresses, shoes, bags, and many more things at very reasonable rates.

Mark this fantastic market in your list of Lahore tourist places. Remember to eat famous chat and falooda when you visit Anarkali Bazaar.

Food Places

8-Food Street Gawalmandi Lahore

spicy lahore street food - best places to visit in lahore

Is it done with visiting and tired of shopping? Now it’s time for a yummy meal. Lahore is famous for its mouthwatering food. Though many food points in Lahore serve delicious food, if you want to experience the real taste of Lahore, the food street Gawalmandi is worth visiting.

Have a wonderful dinner with your family or friends and have a variety of food. Forget the fast food for one night and enjoy desi food like karahi, nihari,siri paye and barbecue.

9:Food Street Fort Road

fort road falls among the best places to visit in lahore

If you visit Lahore and do not dine out at Food Street Fort Road, your trip is incomplete. Food Street Lahore is a beautiful combo of traditional and modernism. This food street is located adjacent to Lahore Fort. The most famous restaurants are Haveli and Coco den. From the rooftop of these restaurants, you can enjoy the breathtaking view of Old Walled City Lahore. Fort Road Food Street is the best place to visit in Lahore.

Other than these food streets, several food points in Lahore serve the most delicious food:

Bashir Dar-ul-Mahi

The most yummy food point for fish in Lahore. There are many branches of this restaurant in Lahore, but the most famous is at Mozang Chungi Lahore.

Fazal haq Siri pay

Fazal Haq, famously known as Phajja Siri paye, located at Taxali Road, is undoubtedly the boss of Lahore cuisine. You cannot leave Lahore without eating the famous paye of Phajja if you want beautiful memories of Lahori food.

Freddy’s Cafe

If you are not interested in Desi food and want to enjoy continental or fast food then Freddy’s cafe is a beautiful place to dine in.

Salt and pepper

Enjoy mouth-watering continental and desi food at Salt and Pepper Lahore.

10-Eiffel Tower Bahria town Lahore

Who wants to avoid visiting the Eiffel Tower? But going to Paris is only a cup of tea for some. Wait; We have brought the Eiffel Tower to Lahore for you. Visit Bahria town Lahore and view the 262-foot-high Eiffel Tower. Take pictures and create memories. It is very beautiful and attracts many tourists.

10-Data Darbar

data darbar lahore

Lahore is also known as Data Ki Nagri because of the shrine of Data Ganj Baksh, the greatest sufi in Islam who preaches Islamic teachings in Lahore. People from Lahore and all over Pakistan have massive respect for Data Darbar. If you are in Lahore and trying to explore the best places in Lahore, then visit Data Darbar and pray to Allah Almighty for peace and harmony in life.

Final Thoughts

Lahore is not just a city; it’s a blessing of Allah. You must have heard it many times: If you have yet to see Lahore, you have yet to be born. It may be challenging to visit this wonderful city quickly, but our list of top 10 places to visit in Lahore will help you explore the best of this city. So tie up your shoes and start exploring Lahore: the magical town of beautiful places and wonderful people. After visiting these wonderful places, you will say Lahore, Lahore, hai. Come fall in love with Lahore.


Can we explore Lahore in one day?

Lahore is a big city with many worth visiting places. You can see a few places in one day.

What are the other famous markets in Lahore other than Anarkali?

Liberty Market is also the most famous and old market in Lahore. You can find a variety of stuff in this market. Many known food outlets are also located in Liberty Market.

Is there only one food street in Lahore?

No, you can also visit Food Street near Lahore Fort. Haveli is a famous restaurant in Fort Road.

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