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Top Things to Do in Gujranwala When Visiting the First Time


Gujranwala, the industrial city of Pakistan, is famous as the city of wrestlers ( pehlwano ka shehr). This city is also known for its vast agricultural lands and the best educational institutions in Punjab. Gujranwala is approx. 95 km away from Lahore on GT road. If you are coming to Gujranwala for the first time, then you might be curious to know the best places to visit in Gujranwala. We are here to help you out.

Discover with us the Things to do in Gujranwala

We can segregate Gujranwala into three categories:

  • Historical places in Gujranwala
  • Fun and shopping places
  • Food places

Historical Places

1. Ranjeet Singh Haveli

Maharaja Ranjit Singh, famously known as Lion of Punjab, was the most prominent ruler of Punjab. He built this majestic haveli in the 19th century.

You will find beautiful architecture and glimpses of royal infrastructure in this building. Though this historical monument is losing its beauty and grandeur due to authorities’ negligence, this is still one of the best historical places to visit in Gujranwala.

2. Temple of Toomri

Gujranwala is a historical city. In the 19th century, this city was the center of religious harmony. People from different religions lived in Gujranwala in peace. So you can see historical sacred sites of other faiths in Gujranwala city. One of the places is the Toomari Temple of the Hindu community. This temple is a Baba Sai Das mandir, crucial in Hindu mythology. 

Once you visit this place, you will find the architecture of Hindus and images of their idols on the walls. The temple is surrounded by a square-shaped pool of bricks from the Mughal era. This temple could be in better condition, but if you thirst for historical sites, consider this in the list of best historical places in Gujranwala.

3. Abdul Nabi Khan Mausoleum

Abdul Nabi Khan Mausoleum- things to do in gujranwala

The Abdul Nabi Khan Mausoleum is about a half kilometer northeast of Kotli Maqbara near Gujranwala. It is supposed to have been constructed in the era of Shah Jahan because its minarets are the same as the minarets of the tomb of Jahangir. There needs to be clear evidence of why this mausoleum was is assumed that it might be the death place of Abdul Nabi Khan, the governor of the Mughal era.

You will undoubtedly love the Mughal architecture and the mystical silence at this mausoleum. Lush green fields surrounding the mausoleum are soothing and refreshing.

4- Lodhi-era Mosque of Eminabad

This mosque was constructed during the Lodhi dynasty in the 15th century, thus making it one of Pakistan’s oldest standing mosques. It is situated on the outskirts of Gujranwala city. This mosque is the best place to visit in Gujranwala if you love history. The architecture of this mosque is different from Mughals, so this will be a new experience for you.

Though the historical sites in Gujranwala need to be better maintained by authorities, these sites mesmerize you with their grandeur.

Shopping and Fun Places

5-Kings Mall

Like other capital cities in Pakistan, Gujranwala also offers the fantastic opportunity to shop for everything under one roof. Kings Mall is the most enormous Mall in Gujranwala, where you will find known garments, shoes and cosmetics brands.

You can enjoy yummy food at the food court in King’s Mall. If you are visiting with family, the Fun Square in the Mall is heaven for kids, with many rides and games. So visiting King’s Mall is the best thing to do in Gujranwala with family.

6-Mall of Gujranwala

If you are visiting Gujranwala for the first time, then the beautiful building of the Mall of Gujranwala will draw your attention. From household groceries to branded items, you will find everything here.

Sitting in the corner at the food court is beautiful. Enjoy a hot coffee or a delicious scoop of Baskin and Robbin’s ice cream by sitting near lush lawns and fountains. Are you still thinking about things to do in Gujranwala? Mall of Gujranwala is a must-visit for people of all age groups.

7-Fun Dunia Amusement Park Gujranwala

The best thing to do with the family in Gujranwala is to visit a fun Dunia amusement park to enjoy adventurous rides and games. This park is well-maintained, with various electric swings for kids of all ages.

8: Citi Theme Park and Zoo

Citi Theme Park and Zoo is quite an entertaining place for the family. You will find many electric and manual swings in a theme park. The park is well-maintained and clean. You will surely enjoy the tiger’s roar and the beauty of deer in the Citi Park Zoo. There are many animals in the zoo to capture your attention.

Citi Theme Park and Zoo are the best places to visit in Gujranwala.

Food Places

What is the first thing that comes to mind when planning to visit Gujranwala? Indeed, it is food.

Guru Nanak Pura Food Street

To experience the real taste of Gujranwala, you must visit Guru Nanak Food Street and enjoy the best food. You will enjoy a variety of dishes that are rich in flavor. Food Street is among the famous Gujranwala places Gujranwala is famous for its unique cuisine: some popular food items of Gujranwala are:


It is a very popular dish of Gujranwala. People from all over the country love to eat cherry, the special dish of Gujranwala. This food is prepared with a small bird called CHIRRA. It is a very delicious dish. This dish is available in Bar B Q and also in Karahi shape. One of the famous restaurants to enjoy chirra is the Shahbaz Tikka shop on Gt Road.

Siri Paye

Enjoy yummy siri paye either for dinner or breakfast from Haji Abdul Ghani Amritsari Siri Paye.


things to drink in gujranwala

Pehlwano ka sher(city of wrestlers)is complete with a glass of lassi. AL MADINA Lassi champions will serve you the best lassi in the town. Enjoy a large glass of lassi, sweet or salty, and make your summers cooler.


foods to eat in gujranwala - kulfi

Having a delicious dessert after dinner is like icing on a cake. The best thing to do in Gujranwala is to eat mouthwatering kulfi from the Suleiman sweets. This kulfi is very popular throughout the country.

Final Thoughts

Gujranwala is a heaven for those who live to eat. Have you ever wondered why the people of this majestic city are mostly chubby? Well, who can resist the yummy food in Gujranwala? Make your trip memorable by visiting historical and fun places in Gujranwala and enjoying food. I am sure once you see this beautiful and historical city you will always cherish the memories of your trip. Plan well the things to do in Gujranwala and get, set—go.


What’s the weather like in Gujranwala in winter?

The winters in Gujranwala are cold enough, but in the daytime, the temperature is moderate to enjoy visiting places.

Is Gujranwala a populated city?

Yes, Gujranwala ranks five as a highly populated city in Pakistan.

Can we see wrestling in Gujranwala?

Yes, you can visit pehlwano ka mohalla. And can see the wrestlers practicing in akharas(training place of wrestlers).

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