Serial Paedophile Arrested from Rawalpindi

A paedophile was arrested in Pakistan

It is sad how such people exist in the world. But at the same time, the good news is a serial paedophile was arrested by the Rawalpindi Police. The accused is a member of an international child pornography ring. According to police, this serial paedophile is wanted in several other child abuse cases. The police finally nabbed him on the 12th of November.

What’s worse is that Sohail Ayyaz, the suspect confirmed in the investigation that he abused more than 30 children from Rawat and then uploaded their assault videos on the dark web. After the arrest, the police came to know that Sohail was arrested and deported from the United Kingdom for the same crime and he also served jail terms there.

Not only in the UK, in fact, Sohail also served some jail time in Italy for assaulting teenage boys and live streaming their videos. All of this investigation started when a mother filed a complaint for her child, a 13 years old boy, Hamza. According to the FIR, Sohail kept Hamza in a house in Bahria town for four days.

The accused used to drug Hamza. Afterwards, the suspect engaged in abusing Hamza. Later, the videos were uploaded on the dark web. It’s great that the Rawalpindi police took some action right after the FIR was filed. But at the same time, it’s horrifying how our children are in danger and how no one can be trusted.

For now, all we can hope is that the justice system prevails and hands out the maximum punishment to Sohail. It will serve as a determent to other paedophiles and rapists lurking openly in the world. Lastly, a database needs to be maintained by the police on such perpetrators. Activities of such individuals must be continuously monitored by the police.

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