Mika Singh is Banned from Indian Showbiz Industry

In the continuum of the hatred towards Pakistan, the All Indian Cine Workers Association (AICWA) imposes a ban on veteran Sikh singer Mika Singh for performing in Karachi. This ban makes Mika Singh the second victim of the hatred from the Hindu nationalists after Nojwat Singh Siddhu. Nojwat Sidhu has also been criticized and banned for expressing pro-Pakistani sentiments.

Mika Singh Performance in Karachi

Mika Singh’s bans comes after his performance at a pre-wedding function of a businessman’s daughter in Karachi. The businessman who invited Mika is a relative of former Pakistani Commander-in-Chief and President, General Pervaiz Musharraf.

It was a private function, and Mr. Asad Danial paid around USD 150,000 to Mika Singh according to some reports. But the Indian authorities have made this business deal a question on Mika’s patriotism. In addition to this ceremony in Karachi, Mika was granted a thirty days visa to perform in Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi.

The videos and pictures of Mika performing in Karachi have infuriated the Indian showbiz officials. The reaction is a consequence of Mika Singh’s performing in Pakistan after India cutting all the business, social and artistic ties as a consequence of the elimination of Article 370 from the Indian constitution. The Indian society is already spitting poison against Pakistan, and Mika’s performance made matters worse.

AICWA’s Stance

Mr. Suresh Shyamlal Gupta, President of AICWA, writes in an official letter that Indian Film Industry bans Mika Sigh from taking part in any showbiz activity. Gupta further urged the showbiz workers to boycott Mika and to ensure nobody from the entertainment industry works with him.

According to AICWA, Mika Singh has breached the code of patriotism by giving money more important than his country. So, he must be ready now to face the music of his selfish act as anybody working with him will have to go through legal charges in the court of law. The association called for the intervention in the matter from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

Moreover, the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE)  has also put an “irrevocably forever” ban on Mika Singh from any recording, performance, acting and playback singing in India. This body leads all the twenty-four filmmaking crafts in the Indian film industry. Mika’s step to sing in Pakistan is taken as a shameful and shattering activity on his part.

Mika Singh is Already Infamous in India

There is news that Indian showbiz bodies have been offering compensation to Mika for canceling his commitment, but he preferred to go with his deal. Moreover, Mika Singh is already notorious in his homeland for performing in Independence Day show of Pakistan. Furthermore, expressing his best wishes for Pakistan abroad will not land him any favour with Indians.

Anyhow, this deal has put a big question mark on his career. But according to some experts, Mika has a strong fan base overseas and on YouTube. So, his music career will not suffer much. But this ban shows the intolerant face of India to the entire world. Moreover, Pakistan is also banning Indian content as per a notification by PEMRA.

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