A Review of Slides with Friends and How to Use It

Slides with Friends

Slides with Friends was created during the pandemic time when everyone was suffering from a communication gap from each other. From office meetings to family gatherings, everything vastly suffered. Slides with friends offers us a great variety of options. It lets us connect with our coworkers, friends, team, or with anyone. It is a source to interact not only with your presentations or slides but also with premade team-built games, trivia, quizzes, and surveys.

How to Use Slides with Friends?

Now, it depends greatly on whether you are the one who is launching the slides for your coworkers or starting some event with friends. In the second case, you might be the participant who wanted to join or interact during an event. So, here are the instructions for both sides.

How to Launch and Play an Event on Slides with Friends?

First of all, you need to keep in mind that slides with friends works just like PowerPoint or Google slides presentation. So many of the things are the same. Instructions are as follows:

  1. Go to your account and select a deck on slides with friends.
  2. After selecting a deck, open it, and there you will see a big pink “Launch an event” button in the top right corner.
  3. Click it to start a live full-screen event.
  4. Share your screen on Zoom if you want, or share your slides to let others join in.

How do People Join and Interact with My Event on Slides with Friends?

  1. Go to Slides with Friends.
  2. You will see an autogenerated QR code and a URL link.
  3. Ask the participants or players to hold their mobiles up to the QR code, and they’ll join the page. OR, they can also join by using the URL link.
  4. Now, participants or players have to select an avatar and need to enter their name. 
  5. After this, click “Join Event.”

Tips to Create Engaging Presentations on Slides with Friends

  • Add animations 
  • Get creative with your slide design 
  • Make your presentations more interactive 
  • Crop images into appealing shapes
  • Try to use dynamic software 

These few tips make your presentations more engaging for the audience and help you to design interactive slides. 

Tips to Create Engaging Presentations on Slides with Friends

Alternatives to Slides with Friends 

The Internet has vastly evolved nowadays, and the most advantageous thing about it is that you don’t only get one option for one thing. There are a variety of options out there, but the best platforms that work as alternatives to slides with friends are:

  1. Pingboard 
  2. Slido
  3. Workplace from meta
  4. Hubilo
  5. Quizziz
Alternatives to Slides with Friends

Uses of Slides with Friends 

  • For team building activities 

Slides with friends provide much greater scope to a group of people who want to do something together or want to do team slides or presentations together. Hence, it helps in keeping the whole remote team together by reducing the communication gap between all the members. 

  • For meetings and conferences 

Office work is something that you never want to compromise on in any conditions. Slides with Friends is a great platform where not only office colleagues but also classroom meetings are held to know the thought processes of everyone by even remaining far from each other. People participate or interact with each other here by giving responses through polls, surveys, or quizzes.

  • For friend group templates or for sharing photos among family and friends 

The best thing about this platform is that it not only works for formal gatherings, but you can also do a good gaming session with your friends or cousins here. It works like a JACKBOX QUIZ GAME. Furthermore, you can also select those people with whom you want to interact with, and you can then afterward share photos with that specific friend or family group templates to reduce communication gaps between each other.


This is the era of technology where you can get everything on your hands easily, but the major thing is you need to know how you have to use those tools. Here in this article, a really beneficial platform has been discussed, Slides with Friends, and most importantly, how you can use it. As many newbies struggle with such platforms, we have discussed A-Z about this platform, making it easier for you to use it.


  1. How many people can join or play slides with friends?

You can create a deck of up to 10 people.

  1. Is it free of cost to use slides with friends?

Yes, Slides with Friends is a free platform.

  1. How to share slides with friends?

Enter the email address of the person you’d like to share the slides or presentations with, and then click “Share.”

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