The Best Free Microsoft Word Alternatives Of 2019

There is no doubt in the fact that Microsoft Word is widely used around the world. It has established a substantial market share, and people love using it. However, it is not cheap. Microsoft Office which includes Microsoft Word and other applications come with a hefty price tag. Hence, not all people can afford it.

Now in such a situation, what people do is that they look for free alternatives to Microsoft Word. That is the wiser decision because there are various free alternatives that one can use for documentations. These alternatives are not just free but rich in features, some of which are not even available in Microsoft Word.

If that is the case then yes, you have landed on the right page, and you are reading the right content. Today we are here with some of the best free Microsoft Word alternatives of 2019 for you. So, take notes of the names we are about to reveal if you really do not want to be stuck with Microsoft Office, all your life.

1.   Google Docs

Believe it or not, Google Docs is impressive in all the possible ways. Shifting from Microsoft Word to Google Docs is in no way a downgrade. Google Docs offers almost everything that Microsoft Word provides. Therefore, you will not feel like you are shifting from Office to some other free or cheaper alternative.

All you need is a Google account to use Google Docs, and there is no fee or hassle involved in this process. One of the most lovable features of Google docs is that it is tightly integrated with Google Drive. It means that whatever you write on a Google Docs document, it will automatically be uploaded on Google drive and it will stay there untouched until you make changes to it.

MS Word Free Alternatives

Moreover, do not worry about losing your work in case the webpage crashes. The file is saved automatically, and you can continue as if nothing happened. Moreover, it also allows you to save the document in different file formats, including .docx (used by Microsoft Word). Indeed, one of the standout features is that it will enable multiple users to work on the same file at once.

Apart from the real-time collaboration with others, it also allows you to chat with other people working on the file. Therefore, in case you need to get a message across, simply open the chat box and let others know what you are thinking. One of the drawbacks is that the formatting changes when you open the document in another software like Word. Therefore, you will have to reformat the text again.

2.   MS Word Online

No, there is no error. Microsoft, indeed, does offer a free online version of Word. It is a scaled-down, cloud-based version of the premium version. However, many features which you would find on the paid version are missing from the online version. There are many similarities between Google Docs and Word Online.

MS Word Free Alternatives

Depending on personal opinion, Word Online seems like a cheaper version of the Google Docs at best. Like Google Docs, Word Online does offer real-time collaboration between multiple users at the same time. Unlike the Google Docs, the formatting does not change even if you open the saved file in the local version of Word.

3.   WPS Office

It is an office suite that offers users multiple features. One of the standout features is that it is 100% compatible with Microsoft Office. Therefore, you will be relieved to know that you do not have to worry about the formatting when forwarding the file to a co-worker or even your boss. Apart from the world-class text editor, you can also make compelling presentations using templates.

MS Word Free Alternatives

Another stand out feature is that the application is also available on Android and IOS. Therefore, even if you do not have access to a laptop, you can always edit your documents using your mobile or tablet through the WPS app. While the Microsoft Office is prone to crashing and freezing, the WPS Office protects users from this through the WPS Data Recovery Master. In the event of the WPS crashing, users can simply recover the file through the Recovery Master.

4.   Apache OpenOffice

It is another free alternative to the Microsoft Office. Apart from offering a powerful word editor, Apache OpenOffice also allows you to create engaging presentations, graphics and more. It is also available in different languages. Unlike the other alternatives, it is entirely free, meaning that there are no premium features which you have to pay to use.

MS Word Free Alternatives

You do not require specialist skills to operate the software. Anyone with a little bit of experience of using a word editor can use Apache. It is also compatible with a host of other office suites. Apart from the powerful word editor, it also offers Base, a database management application. OpenOffice download & installation is no hard work either as the entire process is quite user friendly.

5.   Libre Office

Libre Office is another free alternative to Microsoft Word. It is a modern and robust tool that offers a wide variety of features. As their official website states, ‘it is simple enough to create a quick memo and powerful enough to create a complete book’. You can select a wide variety of fonts and styles. The powerful dictionary allows you to proofread your content on the fly.

MS Word Free Alternatives

Apart from this, another standout feature is that it is compatible with Microsoft Office. Whatever you find in Microsoft Word or any other product in the Microsoft Office suite, you can find it in Libre Office. It also offers a free alternative to Microsoft Access, which is quite challenging to find. Apart from this, the software is regularly updated, which means that the users are given new features every now and then.

It is available for Windows, Mac, and even Linux, which is not something that everyone can offer. Unfortunately, there is no mobile version, which is the only let down we could find in the Libre Office.


There is no doubt that Microsoft Office is a powerful software capable of handling a lot more than these free alternatives. However, it comes with a hefty price tag and other software which many people are unlikely to use. Therefore, buying the entire Office suite seems unjustifiable. It is better for such users to try the free alternatives discussed above.

But as far as our suggestion is concerned, you should stick to Google Docs for efficient and effective results. This one is just the best, and it is the choice of millions out there so you must give it a try too, and we assure you that you will witness nothing but ease and convenience. With this we conclude our guide to the best free Microsoft Word alternatives of 2019.
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