4 Reasons Why Self Driving Cars Are the Future of Technology

With the passage of time, self driving cars technology is advancing, and in the near future, we are going to have access to the fully driver-less cars. “Driver-less cars”, yes, it sounds like a dangerous term, and for a second, you cannot even imagine a car on the road without a driver, right?

Well, do not worry because this is something everyone is thinking at the moment. Elon Musk’s Tesla is a glaring example of innovation in the self-driving car industry.

The ‘Tesla Autopilot’ feature is what the future looks like. This feature allows the car to self-park, change lanes, adaptive cruise control, lane centring and much more. The feature does not offer full self-driving at the moment.

There are several questions that pop in your mind about a self-driving car. Like, “How do they work?” “Are they even safe?” “What about accidents?” “What controls these cars?”. Everyone has these questions juggling in their mind but do not worry because once you start seeing these vehicles on the road, all your questions will be answered.

Right now, the one thing that we are sure about is that self-driving cars are the future of the world & the future of technology. Let us now discuss the various reasons which support this point of view!

Technology Brought Us So Far

Think about it? Are we living the same life that our grandparents lived? Did they have all the facilities and all the gadgets that we own today? Did smartphones exist decades ago? The answer to all of these questions is “no”.

Things have changed a lot, and right now, all that we own and all that we have is just because of technology. Technology has given us a new life, a life with better living standards, a life with products and smart gadgets that we could never even think of!

The same is the case with self-driving cars. Right now, you cannot even think about such vehicles, and you are too scared with the mere idea of these vehicles but do not worry because once you see these vehicles on the road. Once you witness the benefits of this technology, you will start loving it!

Surprising Ways Self Driving Cars Will Change Our World

Self Driving Cars

1.The Huge Boost in the Global Economy

The IT industry will grow to a whole another level with the driverless cars. In simpler words, if you would want to work in the self-driven economy, the best place for you are going to be the IT industry and the data crunching industry.

People are currently afraid that robots will take over their jobs, which is somewhat true. But on the other hand, there is another side of the story that there are going to be jobs available for us and these jobs will pay us a lot more than the ones that robots will take over.

2.The Businesses Will Benefit from the Self-Driving Cars Too

From local businesses to logistics companies, self-driving cars will benefit all of them. Most importantly, all the delivery service providers out there will take a lot of advantage of these vehicles with the reduced cost of gas and quicker deliveries. The door to door courier services will also gain a lot of benefits, and the overall economy will improve.

The technology used in driverless cars will also reach the vans and the bigger automobiles. This is another plus because then the large vehicles will be used as stores and mobile offices. Customers will not have to leave their places then as the retailers, and other businesses will come to the customers and deliver goods themselves.

It is like, if you want to go to the gym, you will not have to leave the house because the gym will come to your doorstep and for one or two hours you will be able to work out in it. Once done, that mobile gym will then move to another customer. Mobile gyms are actually a thing! Just Google it if you think we are joking.

3. People Will Be Able to Live Independently

Due to illness, old age or any kind of disability, people often have trouble moving from one place to another. Now, this is something that will change once the self-driving car technology hits the market. This technology will surely transform the lives of people in a way that no one ever imagined.

Those having trouble moving around will then have access to driverless cars, and they can then travel to any place they want to without being dependent on another person. It is not only for disabled people; in fact, this technology is also like a dream come true for people who want to live independently.

With self-driving cars, one will not have to learn how to drive, or one will not have to hire another person to drive a car/van etc. All we know for now is that it is simply going to be awesome!

4. People Will Start Changing Their Living Arrangements

Let’s face it! If you are someone with a job, it is stressful for you to commute from your home to your workplace every morning and well, you then have to come back home too. It is all very tiring and stressful, most importantly if your workplace is far away from your house. But guess what?

With the self-driving cars technology, no matter how long a commute is, you will be able to read a book, relax and even sleep in it. The rural centres will start becoming a priority and workers will begin living farther from their workplaces.

Not only this, in fact, people will even start losing their jobs as they will not have to drive throughout a long tiring journey, just to go to the office and back again. Imagine the increase in productivity of these people!


These are some of the reasons why self-driving cars are the future of technology. These are just a few benefits that we are assuming at the moment. The truth is that once this technology hits the roads and once people start using it, there are going to be a number of more benefits and advantages.

As far as the questions you have are concerned, well, as said earlier, once this technology is out, you will have your answers. For now, research tells that the number of accidents will be reduced to a whole another level with the driverless cars. So, our fingers are crossed, and we just cannot wait for such cars to be launched!
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