The Best Gaming Laptops For 2020

Gaming laptops

When it comes to gaming technology, it has seen leaps and bounds extraordinarily in the past decade. A few years back, getting a laptop for serious gaming was nothing but a dream. But, when it comes to today’s technology, the laptops have turn out to be powerful enough to run all the games seamlessly & you get amazing gaming experience.

At present, with so many options available in the market, the decision for buying the best gaming laptop could be somehow confusing, especially for first-time buyers that don’t have much tech know-how. There are more than a few things you must consider to ensure the right decision, which includes, GPU, CPU, Display, RAM, Storage, Cooling & audio system, keyboard, battery life, etc.  

Getting swayed by the brand names or the laptop looks is common. But, when it comes to reality, you need the best laptop which could provide you the best gaming experience & is also within your budget. All these things may seem overwhelming to most of the people out there but we have made the things much simpler for you. We have formulated a list of best gaming laptops for 2020 so you can get one of your dreams easily.

List of Top Gaming Laptops

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1. ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14

It is one of the best gaming laptops for a lot of reasons. The gamers love it due to its exceptional performance & amazing battery life. It’s a beast of the gaming laptop due to its AMD Ryzen 4000 processor & graphics card i.e. Nvidia RTX 2060. Though it doesn’t have a webcam & a thunderbolt but still is loved by the gamers. Not because of its battery life, but the gamers also love it because of its super thin design & lightweight. One can get all these best features in a single laptop without breaking the bank. Though it may be difficult to afford for everyone but is the ideal gaming laptop.

It has an ideal battery life.It has noisy fans.
It has exceptional performance.It lacks a webcam.
It has a sleek design & is lightweight._

2. Alienware Area 51m

If we say that it is one of the most powerful gaming laptops of the current year 2020, it wouldn’t be wrong. The gamers, when buying laptops pay great attention to the keyboard & it has an amazing & comfiest one that can keep you playing for hours without getting tired. Its VR readiness & aesthetic design are two other reasons for which gamers love to spend dollars on this.

It is extremely powerful.It is costly.
It has a matchless keyboard.It has loud fans & it gets hot soon.
It has aesthetic looks.

3. Razer Blade

One may be surprised to know that it has been named as one of the finest & top gaming laptops in the market even after several years now. It packs plenty of powerful components in its elegant body & has a stunning display. It has incredible performance with such a sleek design. If you find that the graphics aren’t enough, you can further expand it with Razer core. It can be heavy on your packet but if you need a powerful & super stylish laptop, you won’t regret spending dollars on it.

It is incredibly powerful.It’s much expensive to afford for everyone.
It has svelte looks.

4. Asus ROG Zephyrus S17

This is one of the best gaming laptops for frequent travellers having a love for gaming. It won’t be wrong if you consider it the thinnest laptop packed with the raw power. With just having 0.7 inches thickness, it is packed with Intel Coffee Lake Core i7 chip, 16 GB of RAM, Nvidia RTX GeForce 2080 Max-Q graphics & RGB lighting. So, take it with you wherever you go & enjoy desired PC games under the sun on Ultra.

It has amazing & exceptional performance.It’s a bit expensive.
It has a sleek & classic design.

The best Gaming Laptop – How to Choose The Right One?

In the end, it is important to mention that while choosing the best gaming laptop, one must consider a few important things, which include, CPU, screen size, graphics card, battery life, & the last but not the least budget.

Above is just given a list of top 4 gaming laptops according to our tech research team. It may be the case that you are going to buy some other so keep in mind some ideal specifications while shopping the one. But, if you need to buy a powerful laptop, be prepared to spend dollars.

When it comes to the screen size, 15 inches screen is ideal for gamers. Its battery life must be 5 hours long at least. For the mainstream performance, a laptop with core i5, at least 16 GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD & 1080p screen is perfectly ok to buy. The last but not the least thing that confuse buyers is whether to choose Intel or AMD? When we see a few years back, its clear answer was Intel only but now with new Ryzen CPUs which are superb power-efficient, AMD has made a comeback.

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