The Mountain from Game of Thrones Fame Breaks World Record For Heaviest Deadlift

The Mountain Breaks Record for Worlds Heaviest Deadlift

I am sure we all remember ‘The Mountain’ from our favourite (until the last season) Game of Thrones. We all wanted him to die after what he did to the Red Viper. Well, this time, he did something similar. No, he did not crush someone’s skull with his bare hands. But he did exhibit the same prowess and power.

The Mountain, real name ‘Hafthor Bjornsson’, just broke the world record for the heaviest deadlift. The previous record was for 500 KG held by the British, Eddie Hall. Hall had made the record in 2015. Bjornsson lifted 501 KG (1,104 lb) to break the previous record. After the record feat, he went on to say that he could have easily lifted more but “what is the point?”.

If you think that this is no impressive feat then have a look at the barbell. As one can see from the video, it bent due to the strain of the weights. The Mountain is certainly no stranger to records. He was named the World’s Strongest Man in 2018. He stands at an impressive 6 ft 11 inches and weighs just 205 KG.

Eddie Hall Issued a Challenge

After breaking the record, Hafthor issued a challenge to Eddie Hall to a fight. “So Eddie, I just knocked out your record. And now I’m ready to knock you out in the ring.” Hall wasted no time in accepting the challenge in a video shared on Facebook. The two strong men have an ongoing rivalry after Hafthor accused Hall of cheating during the World’s Strongest Man Competition in 2017.

It remains to be seen when the actual fight does take place or even if it happens. Nevertheless, it will be interesting too see two giants working out their problems inside a boxing ring. Meanwhile, Twitter was erupt with awe, memes, and congratulatory Tweets after the record breaking feat.

Perhaps the most famous one being:

Rao Osama Liaqat
Rao Liaqat

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