How you can use self-isolation to start your own Business?

self isolation idea

At present, all of us are experiencing self-isolation to stop the COVID-19 spread & definitely, this is best for us as well as for the people around us. If you have been planning to start your own business for years, this is the right time to implement your plan now.

Unexpectedly all of us have extra time. So, why not utilize this time to learn or implement your plans for what you have been always planning. Starting your own business is easy if you take the start of this process properly to make this happen.

Brainstorm Ideas

Even if you are at your 20’s or 30’s, all of us have a decade of experience behind so we have several skills we are pro at & we tend to be multi-passionate with the love for doing more than a few things. So, the most important thing here is to narrow down your business ideas to a single one. There are then a few options at this stage but for now, you have to opt for the single one to take a good start.

You can utilize the internet, social media platforms, or can seek advice from people but in the end; you will be doing what inspires you the most. So, I would suggest you listen to your heart so that you could enjoy what you are doing. You can continue this business later along with your job when this self-isolation period is over.

Top ideas to start a business while quarantined

Set up a channel on YouTube

Setting up a channel on YouTube & sharing your videos is a fun way of earning. Posting videos? But about what? This is where most people stop but you don’t have to end here. There are more than a few options for you in this regard. Just invest some time on thinking what you are best at & start making videos about that.

Are you best at Cooking? Makeup? Are you best at calligraphy? Are you best at teaching your favourite subject? And there are a lot more options you can have to start your own YouTube channel to earn.

Affiliate Marketing

I guess at this age, every one of us is familiar with this term. A short introduction to affiliate marketing is promoting or marketing someone else’s products or services (like renowned websites or brands) in return for a profit percentage on every item sold.

The promotion of affiliate links requires great marketing skills & you can do this via your site or via social media platforms too.  You are going to get a commission on every sale as a special affiliated link will be generated for you by the company. As the user clicks & makes a purchase via this link, you WIN!!

Blogging / Writing

Have great writing skills? Amazing!! Here is good news for you that all the web-based businesses require content these days to write website content, articles, product reviews, etc. All you require is exceptional writing skills & you are in. Writing skills can be acquired with practice.

Other than this, you can also have your blog to spread the word & if you successfully monetize it, you can earn a handsome income with it.

Voice over work

With the trend & rise of video ads shown on YouTube, there is a high demand for voice narration services. If you have an excellent accent or have the confidence to speak in a pro manner, you can get started with a few types of equipment like audio mixer, microphone & editing software. Separate your room that you utilize especially for recording purpose for the best results.

Graphic Designing

The last but not the least; graphic designing is one of the amazing ways to make money from home. But, this requires learning a few skills & then you can offer your services like a pro. All you need is a creative mind for this as you will be designing websites, logos, brochures, business cards, etc.

If you have some time, start leaning online the basics of graphic designing & within a short time, you can be a pro designer with a high level of creativity, only if it inspires you.

Set up your online Business Now

If you are done with your main concept i.e. what you are going to do, you have two available options. Either you can invest some time in learning via free online courses available or you can start immediately. If you are ready to start immediately, you need to register your business now, without wasting more time, create your website, design its logo, choose the best payment gateway & that’s it.

The beauty of this digital age is that everything around us is digital & you can get all this done within one or two days luckily. You are ready to get started!! This time is difficult for everyone out there but with our experience & positive expectations, we can say that this shall pass too. It will be wonderful for you if you utilize this time productively & come out from quarantine with a whole new person.

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