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Top 10 Things to Do in Peshawar on Your First-Time Visit

peshawar tourist place

Peshawar, the city of flowers, is the oldest city in Pakistan and South Asia. Many invaders entered the sub-continent via Peshawar. This beautiful city is rich in history and has a diverse culture. It’s always fun to explore new places. Are you visiting Peshawar for the first time and want to explore the city but need clarification about where to start? Stop worrying. We will tell you in detail about the places worth looking at and things to do in Peshawar.

Come start exploring with us the best tourist places in Peshawar…

Sethi House Museum

sethi house museum

One of Peshawar’s best places to visit is the Sethi House Museum. It was built in the early 19th century by seven high-end traders brothers. They made seven magnificent houses for themselves, built and decorated with wood, richly carved ceilings, and elaborate windows. All seven homes were connected with a bridge for the women of the places to pass over. The Sethi House Peshawar is a unique architectural masterpiece with beautiful walls decorated with mirrors. Red brick stairs and carved doors add more glory to its beauty.

This house is under the KPK govt and is open to all visitors.

Mahabat Khan Mosque

This beautiful mosque was built in the Mughal era in 1630. white marble was used in the construction of this mosque. Its open courtyard and high minarets are worth looking at. This mosque is also famous because the minarets of Mahabat Khan mosque were used for hanging prisoners.

You will enjoy Mughal architecture by visiting this beautiful mosque. White marble will give you a soothing experience.

Khyber Pass

khyber pass

A prominent landmark in Peshawar; Khyber Pass mainly represents KPK province in our textbooks. You might have seen this in currency rupees, so if you plan to visit Peshawar, the best thing to do is visit Khyber Pass. Khyber Pass is the route from where Alexander the Great invaded the subcontinent. It is said that this past has witnessed many wars.

Though this is a must-visit place, remember that Khyber Pass is in a crowded market visit this place just by sitting in your car. There is no park or ground near the Khyber Pass where you can sit and enjoy the view of this majestic route of warriors.

Peshawar Gandhara Museum

Peshawar and Taxila were the main places of Gandhara civilization. You will find many stupas and Buddhist holy sites when visiting Peshawar.

So, the Peshawar Gandhara Museum is a treat for history lovers. You will find the most significant statues of Buddha and weapons of different rulers who invaded Peshawar. A beautiful big golden bell hangs at the museum entrance, which the Thailand government gifted. This museum is the best tourist spot in Peshawar.

Warsak Dam

Warsak Dam is located at a distance of 25 km from Peshawar city on the river Kabul. The road towards the dam is safe and fine. You will find many shops and food stalls at the dam park. The site of spillways and powerhouses is very adventurous and interesting. Great place to visit with families. Do not forget to get permission from Wapda authorities before planning a  visit to Warsak Dam. This dam is for sure the best tourist place in Peshawar.

warsak dam

Fun and shopping Places

When we think of Peshawar, the first thing that comes to mind is shopping. Peshawar is indeed a shopping paradise for shopaholic people. You may find a variety of clothes, blankets, pottery, and electronic items in Peshawar, which are mostly imported.

Best things to do in Peshawar Visiting shopping places:

Arkhano Bazar Peshawar

Karkhano bazar, famously known as Barra market, is the most famous shopping place in Peshawar and the whole country. Once you visit this bazaar, you will delve into the variety of things it is a massive bazaar with hundreds of shops. You can buy everything from this bazaar: the imported fabric of clothes, bed sheets and curtains, beautiful pottery, blankets, and electronic items at very reasonable prices.

Before purchasing any electronic item, check the details, as you may find some products that are not original. So, the best thing to do in Peshawar is to visit Karkhano Bazaar and shop for unique products at pocket-friendly prices.

University Road Market

University Road Market - things to do in peshawar

One of the famous markets in Peshawar is on University Road. The University of Peshawar is also situated on the same road. To visit branded shops, you must visit the University Road market. You will find many plazas here; almost every known brand of garments, shoes, cosmetics, and jewelry is in the University Road market. Many famous food chains, such as Zanzibar, KFC Bait ul Arab Mandi, Chief Burger, and Bundu Khan are also on this road.

Hbk Shopping Arena

Hbk shopping arena is a complete entertainment package for all age groups on Ring Road is a huge shopping center where you will find every item. From daily groceries to electronic items, all you get under one roof.

So after shopping, if you are hungry, it is good for you that many fast-food chains of fast food, continental food, and local cuisine serve delicious food in this mighty shopping complex. Enjoy famous ice cream brands bask in and robins and soothe your sweet tooth. The best thing to do in Peshawar is to visit hbk supermarket.

We play: The Jumping Arena

The famous fun area WE PLAY is also in the HBK supermarket is a wonderland with giant trampolines, dodging cars, VR games, and many more fun activities. Indeed, it is a good place if you are visiting with family.

Food places

After shopping, what comes next to your mind when visiting Peshawar? Indeed, it’s the food. Peshawar Is famous for its mouthwatering cuisine. Some of the favorite food places in Peshawar are:

Namak Mandi Qissa Khwani Bazar

Namak mandi in Qissa Khwani Bazar is a famous food street in Peshawar. If you want to experience the real taste of Peshawar, then this place is worth visiting. You will enjoy yummy and delicious charsi tikka,charsi karahi, and chapli kabab, which are the best in town. Nisar Charsi Tikka is one of the famous restaurants on Namak Mandi Food Street. A mouthwatering dinner is the best thing to do in Peshawar.

Al-Hujra Restaurant

Al Hujra restaurant on Ring Road Peshawar also serves the best food in Peshawar.

Peshawari Ice Cream

famous ice cream in peshawar in glass jars

Those with sweet teeth cannot ignore the Peshawari ice cream when visiting Peshawar. Maqbool Ice Cream is a famous spot to enjoy this sweet delight.

Dry fruits

Peshawar is famous for its good quality dry fruits. So if you plan things to do in Peshawar, then in Karkhano market Peshawar.must enjoy good quality dry fruits at reasonable prices. You will find dry fruits at the wholesale rate.


Peshawar is also known as the city of peaches. If you are visiting Peshawar in summer don’t forget to eat juicy peaches at half of the rate from other parts of Pakistan.

Other Beautiful Destinations near Peshawar

Nowshera city:

Nowshera city is 45 km away from Peshawar. if you want to enjoy the riverside then take a ride towards Nowshera where you can see the breathtaking view of river Kabul and enjoy boating. Delicious fish is also available at the riverside in Nowshera.

Mingora swat:

The beautiful Mingora Valley swat is 3 hours away from Peshawar. so if you want to enjoy the Hindu Kush mountains with the mighty river Swat then the one-night plan is a good idea to visit Mingora from Peshawar.

Final Thoughts on things to do in Peshawar

Peshawar is indeed a wonderful city of hospitable people. Once you visit this magical city, you will never come out of its spell. The historical buildings, marvelous shopping experience, and mouth-watering cuisine are enough reasons to fall in love with this traditional rich cultured city. Though it’s quite hard to explore this wonderland in less time these top 10 places will help you to decide the things to do in Peshawar when visiting the first time.


Can we take a flight to Peshawar?

Yes for sure, Peshawar Is a capital city having an international airport handling all international and domestic flights.

Is Peshawar safe to travel?

Yes, Peshawar is safe to travel and protected by security forces.

To which country Peshawar shares its border?

Peshawar shares its border with Afghanistan at Torkham city.

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