Tinder Date Kills Woman During Rough Sex

Woman Killed by Tinder Date During Rough Sex

Who knew Tinder dates can cost you your life? On 1st December 2018, a 22-year-old British backpacker, Grace Millane, was found dead. The death was during rough sexual intercourse with a guy she met on Tinder. The murderer then put her body in a suitcase and what’s worse is the fact that right after this incident, he went on another date, the next day.

For legal reasons, the identity of the defendant is confidential. According to the defendant, the death is an accident. Both engaged in consensual intercourse that involved hitting and biting. A week after the disappearance of Millane, she was found dead in a forest in Auckland inside a suitcase.

According to the reports, her body was twisted in a foetal position. Upon investigation, Robin McCoubrey, the Crown prosecutor found out that both the defendant and Grace went out on several dates together.

According to him, “They were plainly comfortable in one another’s company that evening”. He added, “From the footage, you’ll see them kissing. Both parties probably anticipated sexual activity”.

The prosecutor told that after the death of Grace, the defendant did some internet searches. Waitakere Ranges, where the dead body of Ms Millane was found was also among the defendant’s internet searches.

Other than that, the other internet searches were “large bags near me”, “rigor mortis” and a lot of other pornographic sites. In simpler words, the defendant did not appear upset or stressed about the death. In addition to this, the defendant went on another date the next day.

The final verdict is yet to come. But for now, according to Mr Brookie (one of the lawyers for the defendant), the defendant is not to blame for the incident, and this death was just an accident.

Final Words

The long story short is that Tinder dates can turn out to be dangerous. Hence, the next time you decide to go out with someone, be careful!

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