Top 15 Haunted Places in Pakistan That’ll Give You Chills

Do you believe in the supernatural?Have you ever wished to visit places famous for their haunted reputations? The wait is over,You are at the right place. We have the perfect list of haunted places in Pakistan that will give you chills. Let’s take you on an adventurous ride of these places.

List of haunted places in Pakistan

Many spooky places are scattered throughout the country. Whether these spots are genuinely terrifying or just the stuff of legends is a question that can only be answered by experiencing them firsthand. It’s like trying to find out if a ghost story is real by going to the haunted house and seeing for yourself.

Let’s have a look at these 15 spine-chilling places in Pakistan

1) Mohatta Palace Karachi
2) House no 39 k Karachi
3) PAF Base Faisal,Karachi
4) Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur
5) Karimabad, Hunza Valley ,
6) Lahore fort
7) Karsaz Road, Lahore
8) Rawalpindi General Hospital, Rawalpindi
9) Hawks Bay Hut, Karachi
10) Cholistan Desert, Punjab.
11) Koh-i-Chiltan, Quetta.
12) Ruins of Mohenjo daro.
13) Saidpur village.
14) Rohtas fort.
15) Shamshan ghat Hyderabad

Mohatta Palace Karachi

The Mohatta Palace, located in Karachi, is believed to be haunted by the ghost of its original owner, Shivratan Chandraratan Mohatta. Visitors have reported strange noises of people having a party and sightings. The guards of the museum reported the movement of artifacts from their places.

House no 39 k, Karachi

              This house is one of the most haunted places in Pakistan. It is located in P.E.C.H.S Karachi. In this densely populated area, nobody dares to approach the house at night. People have witnessed a strange pale woman wearing a white dress walking in the premises of the house and nearby streets. This unexplained happening makes it a popular spot for ghost hunters. This place is so unsettling that no one has ever lived in this house since its construction.

PAF Base Faisal, Karachi

          A tragic plane crash happened at PAF Base Faisal in 1953.All the passengers and plane staff died and burned. After that incident, people claimed that they saw the ghosts of the passengers of the unlucky plane. Residents of Shah Faisal colony narrate the appearance of women and kids late at night walking in the streets.

Noor Mahal, Bahawalpur

         Nawab Sadiq once owned this beautiful palace, and it is rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a Hindu dancer girl who committed suicide. Visitors have reported sightings of a girl dancing on the palace premises. Residents of Bahawalpur city dare not to visit this beautiful monument at night. 

Karimabad, Hunza Valley

   Karimabad Hunza is a paradise on earth. Tall mountains surround this scenic town .Many old forts like Baltit fort are located there. People believe that the spirits of the prince and nobles of the fort haunt the town, walking its streets at night and making strange noises. The locals narrate the spooky tales of such ghostly creatures to visitors.whether these stories are true or not but are a great source of attraction for tourists.

Lahore Fort, Lahore

     This historic fort is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of Anarkali. She was a famous courtesan and beloved of the prince. People claim to have witnessed her dancing in the Sheesh Mahal (a part of Lahore Fort), as she was believed to be entombed alive in the wall of this fort.

It is also reported that the basement area of the fort, which was the prisoner cell at times, is haunted by the spirits of dead prisoners.Due to some strange incidents visitors are not allowed to visit those prisoner cells.

Karsaz road Karachi

  This busy road is said to be haunted by the bride who died with her husband on the night of her wedding  in an accident on this road. People reported the girl wearing a red bridal dress walking and chasing the people. Residents of the city consider it the most horrible place in Pakistan and avoid using this road late at night.

Rawalpindi General Hospital

      This hospital is believed to be the oldest hospital in Rawalpindi and is reportedly haunted by the ghosts of deceased patients. staff and patients witness eerie experiences and heard strange noises at their  night duties.

Hawks Bay Hut Karachi

       There is a hut at Hawks Bay Beach Karachi that is reported to have supernatural activities, including strange sounds and roaming spirits.No One takes it on rent and if someone dares so, JINNS living there do not allow them to spend the whole night there.People living nearby heard the weird sounds coming from that hut.

Cholistan Desert, Punjab

       This second-largest desert is said to be occupied by jinns and other supernatural elements. It is a large isolated desert with no humans living over miles. Many locals witness ghostly creatures and share stories of strange encounters..

Koh-i-Chiltan, Quetta

     It is one of the most beautiful yet the most haunted places in Pakistan. There is a dark and creepy story behind it. This mountain is believed to be haunted by the spirits of 40 babies, who were left by their parents on the top of the hill as parents could not afford to raise them. Later when the parents went back to see the babies there were no traces of the babies. They disappeared mysteriously. Visitors have reported that they heard the voices of crying babies at night.

There is another belief that this mountain is occupied by the spirits of those climbers who died during the expeditions.

Saidpur Village, Islamabad

    It is a famous tourist spot in Islamabad. But it is advised to visit it in the daytime only. People have reported strange experiences and ghostly visions in this historic village and the caves located in nearby mountains, which are approximately 700 years old.

The Mohenjo-Daro Ruins, Sindh

     You might have heard of the most ancient civilization in Sindh, which floods demolished. The spirits of those who were drowned in the flood haunt this ancient archaeological site. Visitors claim to hear strange sounds and see ghosts in strange attire,probably the attire of an old era.

Rohtas Fort, Jhelum

      Rohtas Fort was owned by a Hindu Raja whose wife committed suicide in the lake which is still present in the fort. Some visitors have reported the mourning voices coming from the premises of the fort and experienced a sense of unease while exploring this historic fort.

Shamshan Ghat Hyderabad

         It is the oldest  graveyard or crematory of the Hindu community in Hyderabad. Hindu burning rituals are performed at this place. According to their belief the spirits visit every month on dark nights. If you want to experience the creepiest adventure, then this place is at the top of the list because people living nearby share their spine frosting experiences of ghostly encounters.

Cautions before visiting haunted places

If you want to visit any of these haunted places in Pakistan, take a few safety measures.

  • First of all weak hearted people should avoid such adventures
  • Never take kids along with you
  • If you’re already experiencing fear before your visit, then avoid going. Build confidence and courage within yourself before embarking on a visit to such places.
  • Always visit in groups. never go alone
  • Plan your trips in the daytime.
  • Before leaving inform your nearest police station, so they will come to rescue you if something unusual happens.

Is it a real or just a myth

People often say that those who cannot find peace on the other side of this world linger behind to fulfill their unfinished tasks and desires. Whether it’s some tragedy or bad fate, you will find every kind of story in these haunted places of Pakistan.

Some of these stories may be true as many people experience paranormal activities themselves and later suffer a lot like depression and anxiety.

 But it is important to note that many of these stories are based on local folk tellers just to attract the visitors. Their narrating style is so intriguing that usually people start imagining themselves in the same situation. There is no scientific evidence of these activities.

 So in conclusion, If you are looking for a thrill These haunted places in Pakistan are worth visiting. so pack your luggage and plan for these ghostly places for a spine-chilling experience. but keep in mind being adventurous  is cool but being alive is coolest. keep thrilling but not at the risk of your life.


Are the haunted places in Pakistan deadly?

Well, there is no reported causality but people who visit these places complain about depression and panic attacks.

Are there any safety measures available at haunted places?

 Most haunted places in Pakistan have no specific safety measures available. Some have security guards like Mohatta Palace.

Is it safe to visit haunted places with family?

 No, it is not advised to visit these places with family, especially with kids.

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