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Top 15 Halloween Candy Ideas For Trick or Treaters

halloween candy IDeas

When Halloween is near do you automatically think of candies? Want to enjoy this scary season with the best candy ideas. Choosing the right Halloween candy to give to trick-or-treaters can be a fun and challenging decision. We can help you to make delicious candy ideas that will make your Halloween super sweet, here’s a list of 15 popular Halloween candy ideas that are sure to be a hit:

1.    Homemade Chocolate Truffles: 

                           It is one of the yummiest candy treats for Halloween. Take dark chocolate (4 ounces), heavy cream (half cup), butter (1 tablespoon) and vanilla extract (few drops). Melt the chocolate. let it be cool down. then add cream, butter and vanilla extract. Mix it well and keep in refrigerator until the mixture is set. Roll balls in chocolate ganache, dip them in melted dark chocolate and decorate with chocolate chips or Halloween-themed sprinkles.

2. Chocolate cupcakes:

       Take flour 1 cup, castor sugar ½ cup, butter 2 tablespoon, eggs white 2, baking powder 1 teaspoon. mix all these well with spatula. put the mixture in cupcakes tray and bake in preheated oven (150 degree) and baked for 10 Mins. When done take them out from the tray and decorate it with dark chocolate ganache. Make this Halloween a memorable treat for children.

3. Candy Corn Fudge:

You will need white cooking chocolate, condensed milk, yellow and orange jelly to make this Halloween special candy dessert Make a Layer of white chocolate, condensed milk, orange, and yellow jelly to mimic the candy corn.

4. Spider Web Chocolate Bar:

                               Take 4 ounces of dark chocolate and 4 ounces of white chocolate.  Melt them both in separate pots. then take white chocolate, whirl in dark chocolate, and use a toothpick to make a spider web design, perfect for a Halloween treat.

5. Witch’s Broomstick Pretzel sticks:

                              Pretzel sticks are a type of baked pastry from German cuisine.Take some pretzel sticks.Melt dark chocolate and make ganache.   Dip pretzel sticks into melted chocolate and attach a mini peanut butter cup for a broomstick handle. Now it’ll look like the witch sitting on a broomstick. skoopy and yummy feast for you.

6. Stuffed cookies:

Take Oreo biscuits. Melt dark chocolate and make sauce.  Dip Oreo cookies into melted chocolate, then use chocolate, sprinkles, and candy eyes to make funny faces.

7. Chocolate nuts:

                            Take nuts like almonds and walnuts. In a separate bowl mix cream cheese and white chocolate, and then coat the nuts in white chocolate and cream cheese mixture. Yummy and simple sweet is ready to eat.

8. Ghostly Marshmallow sticks:

                         Take marshmallow sticks easily available at market.melt the white or dark chocolate.Dip marshmallow sticks in white chocolate and use edible ink to make ghost faces.

9.    Gummy Worm Jelly Cups:

                            Take two packets of jelly of green and orange color Make green or orange jelly cups and add edible gummy worms for a creepy treat.

10. Candy Apple dips:

                           Cut apples in round slices. Dip apples in red candy syrup and decorate them with edible glitter or Halloween candies.

11. Monsters Bark:

                          Take crackers and decorate them with colourful sprinkles, candy melts, and candy eyes to give them a scary look.

12. Peanut Butter Fudge:

                       Make simple yet delicious peanut butter fudge to turn your Halloween into a perfect treat.Grab two cups of castor sugar,½ cup of milk,1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and ¾ peanut butter.Mix them all and shape them in the way you like.

13. Caramel Marshmallows:

                        Dip marshmallows in caramel can make caramel sauce by melting sugar at low flame without adding any water, then add chocolate chips for the decoration”

14. Oreo Truffles:

                         Make the crumbs of Oreo cookies, mix them well with cream cheese, and then roll them into a ball shape. A perfect and simple candy recipe for Halloween is ready.

15.Stuffed strawberries:

                       Dip fresh strawberries in white chocolate sauce.use candy eyes and sprinkles to give it a Halloween look.

Snacks Instead Of Candies

                 If you are such a person who likes savoury more than sweet then do not worry we have healthy alternatives for you.just have a look

  1. Pumpkin devil eggs

                     Boil eggs and cut them half in length. put mayonnaise over them. sprinkle salt and pepper. dust with paprika powder. Use a sharp knife to make ridges of will look like a pumpkin.

2. Spider taco ring

                In a skillet heat oil.put onion chopped,garlic,salt and beef.Add water and cook it until the beef tenderize.Add oregano,red chillies,cumin and beans.cook it well.let it be cool.Add cheese.Now take two cans of crescent rolls and make spider body.Add the filling in it and bake in preheated oven for 15 mins.Spooky meal for halloween is ready.

3. Ghost pizza bagels

                    Take mini burger buns.Put mayonnaise on them.Cut the mozzarella cheese slices in ghost shape.Put this slice on burger and bake for 10 mins until the cheese become melty.

                              Halloween is a much-loved holiday. It’s a great time to create magic with your hands and make your Halloween a sugar coated if you get a knock at your door and hear the shouts ”TRICK OR TREAT”, surprise them with these wonderful delight. Do not forget to involve your kids and friends in the kitchen to have some extra fun while making these tasty Halloween candy recipes.

Enjoy your spooky and sweet Halloween celebrations! 🙂


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